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Honour (sic) and Profit Runner Review



Finished our Honour and Profit review and it's only July! Damn I'm good! Upstalk has been pushed back too 'who knows' so things are a little quiet on the Netrunner front as of late. In the mean time, we've got another Corp meta review from Dave Hoyland coming up over the next couple of days, so keep your eyes open for more Netrunners goodness!



Honour (sic) and Profit Corp Review



It's official, I suck at getting stuff like this uploaded in a sensible time frame. I also seem to have a sense of obsessive compulsive disorder where I can't just ignore the fact and move on. Plus 3 of our resident players have taken the time to write up a review which I really should use! So only 2 months late, we are delighted to bring you our H&P Corp review!


Notable News

More Netrunner cast goodness awaits you over on our YouTube Channel where I am currently uploading the recent coverage of the Worcester Manaleak cube draft tournament. Pop on over and have a look!


The Tournament Journey Pt 5


Dave 'Cerberus' Hoyland


Though I hesitate to include such an obvious spoiler to the article, we're delighted to be able to host the thoughts of the new UK National Champion on his incredible win and national experience! The result of this is that we'll be able to bring you a 'Part 6' come November when FFG fly Dave out to the states to take part in Worlds! On behalf of everyone over at Netrunners, congratulations!


In this article, Dave once more takes us through his decks, his decisions and his matchups to paint a vivid picture of the current meta and how to deal with it.



The Tournament Journey Pt 4


Dave 'Cerberus' Hoyland


Having posted up his Chronos Tour experiences only yesterday (though mainly because I'm incredibly behind on article posting!), Dave Hoyland has once more outdone himself by providing us with indepth analysis of the Cardiff Regionals. Inside you'll find a detailed look at faction breakdown, key new meta changes and even some juicy Top 8 coverage from our YouTube channel! We're just too good to you folks!




The Tournament Journey Pt 3


Dave 'Cerberus' Hoyland


Though we are in the midst of Regional Netrunner action, Dave has taken the time to recount his experiences of the Cardiff Chronos Tour event, and how his deck has developed with the release of Double Time. He is in the process of writing up his Regional experiences so watch this space for part 4 (and hopefully a part 5!).


Notable News

The release of Honour and Profit has shifted the meta significantly and we hope to bring you our set review this week (finally). We also are in the process of uploading our coverage of the Cardiff Regional on our YouTube channel, so pop along to bathe your eyes in all manner of Netrunner action (including a rather spiffing game between a Sterling and RP deck!).


The Spin Cycle Awards


Dave 'Chimpster' Paterson


We've reached that exciting time of year where we eagerly await the next big box expansion; Honour and Profit. While we wait though, why not bask in the glory (and sometimes shame) of the Spin Cycle. Here we celebrate the best cards in each category as well as enjoy a jolly good reflection/rant by myself at the end.


Notable news

Our YouTube channel has now reached the heady heights of having over 500 subscribers as well as some damn fine content. Please feel free to have a look, subscribe and enjoy the coverage of our latest tournament, the Stoke Chronos Tour event.


Double Time Review



Yeah I know, I'm terrible at getting these reviews posted in a reasonable time! Still, at the very least it allows us to give a lot of these cards a good try to assess their impact. This month we're joined by a new guest writer; Chris also known by the handle Metagaia on our forums. Hopefully we've assessed the cards to your liking, but if not, you can always rant and rave at us by following the link at the bottom of the article! Hop to it ladies and gentlemen, double time!



The Tournament Journey Pt 2


Dave 'Cerberus' Hoyland


Continuing on from the first tournament jouney article, Dave takes us through his Store Championship experience, with detailed anaylsis, casts of his games and even some colourful pie charts! Oh my!


For deck list details, please see the link at the bottom of the article and be sure to join us on the forums as we prepare for the Chronos Tour!



Fear and Loathing Review



Fashionably late as always, we bring you the penultimate datapack of the spin cycle; Fear and Loathing. Once more the two Daves and Callum share their initial thoughts for you to disagree with! What cards do we fear? Which cards do we loathe? Read on to find out!


Notable news

All of the new Criminal and Jinteki ID's have been leaked from Honour and Profit and are avaliable for your viewing pleasure on our forums.

The Tournament Journey Pt 1


Dave 'Cerberus' Hoyland


Dave has started putting together a blog designed at showing how his tournament decks and his general play style have progressed as we head into the big, end-of-season tournaments.


Notable news

I've started to redesign our video section with all of our tournament coverage on youtube so hopefully it's a little easier to navigate. Have a look and please subscibe so we can continue to bring you HD quality casts of me losing over and over again!

Chronos Protocol ID's


Dave 'Cerberus' Hoyland


With the Chronos Protocol tour only a few months away, Dave has had a look at the two ID's up for public vote and debated their merits for your benefit. Is the HB ID the missing piece of a brain damage deck puzzle? How strong is the power of a Jinteki snipe deck? Read on!

True Colours Review



A little late to the party but hopefully the life and soul of it nevertheless! Welcome to yet another set review bought to you by Dave H, Callum and I. Feel free to rant and curse our names as we massively overrate/underrate (delete as applicable) your most favourite card in all the universe! Enjoy!

The Seven Deadly Netrunner Sins


Dave 'Chimpster' Paterson


There are so many ways to commit grevious sins against Netrunner that it would be presumptuous to try and list them all. Instead, supplicate yourselves before me and I shall endevour to save your souls from the pains and torments of losing to foolish error!

Mala Tempora Review



We've had the chance to tinker a little bit with Reina and company and have decided to bring you our usually late set review. As well as Dave H and myself, Callum 'Flipswitch' has provided his thoughts as well. Let the arguments over score begin!

Honour (sic) and Profit Announced!



Obviously the folks over at FFG read my article on Jinteki and decided to take immediate action to cheer up the Jinteki nuns. I'm certainly heartened that I'm that influential on their development process!


We're in the process of breaking down the spoiled cards posted up in our forums, please come along and have a chin wag with us on how amazing cards like Mushin No Shin et al are!


I have also cheated and edited my Jinteki article with a few key cards

from the spoilers, please don't judge me too harshly!

How do you Solve a Problem Like Jinteki?


Dave 'Chimpster' Paterson

The truth is, Jinteki struggled a little bit in the recent tournament season. I mean, look how mournful that poor nun looks, with her sad, doe like Jinteki eyes and expertly crafted frowny face. Is there any light at the end of the tunnel/cycle for her? Is she doomed to a life spent in the Card Shoebox of Shame? Read on my children, walk into the light...

The Current Meta (Runner)


Dave 'Cerberus' Hoyland


Last time out, Dave H had a look at the corp breakdown from pluggedin and worlds and gave us some tips and tricks on how to combat the more popular decks. Today (unsuprisingly) he looks at the Runner meta for popular trends and gives us some clues as to how to deal with a rather popular young lady called Andy.

Second Thoughts Review



Having finally arrived on the sunny shores of old Blighty, we can bring you our first impressions of Second Thoughts. Having been out for a good month over across the pond, we can start to comment on how the meta may be (or may not be) shifting with the new card set and decks that may become a little stronger/weaker as a result.

The Current Meta (Corp)


Dave 'Cerberus' Hoyland


Having problems getting consistent wins against Tag 'n Bag? Tearing your hair out over Fast Advance? Have no fear, we at netrunners have your back!

Dave H has had a look at the recent results of Plugged-In and Worlds to bring us a detailed look at the current Corp meta and more importantly how to effectively counter those pesky common Corp decks.

Video Section



We are happy to bring you our new video section which will cover some over the table videos, analysis and card set reviews. Please bear with the terrible video quality of my rather ancient digital camera, but hopefully you'll enjoy our coverage of the recent Worcester Manaleak tournament on the channel. Please subscribe to us and pop into our forums to tell us what you think or what you'd like to see in the future!



Tournament Report


Dave 'Cerberus' Hoyland

Five of us had the pleasure of attending the monthly Worcester Manaleak Netrunner tournament on the 9th. Dave H has very kindly written up a report of the action while Nick 'Kelnage' snapped a few pictures. I'm in the process of commentating and posting up some video's of my games and of the finals. Have a look at our youtube channel for casts of the games I've completed so far (and excuse the shocking camera quality!).


Draft Format Announced!



Yep that's right folks, drafting (opening random boosters in a group and making a deck on the fly) is coming to Netrunner. Probably one of the most enjoyable parts of a CCG like Magic is now coming to our favourite game! Excited? [Yoda voice] You will be... You will be... [/Yoda voice].

Useful Links



Added a new section to help people track down some of the more useful resources on the 'tinterweb. Hopefully you find the section useful! If you think I've missed anything, please contact me and let me know and I'll get the site added ASAP.



Notable news


The Pluggedin tour is swiftly coming to its conclusion and rumour has it that Mr Fisk will be joining us in the not to distant future (which has made me happy in the very least, I have some cunning plans for Mr Fisk). The official site also has second thoughts as being 'shipped.' For us in the UK that means we can probably expect it in about 3 weeks, maybe. If we're lucky. I want my Swordsman ICE now damn it!


Is Milling Dead or is it Resting?


Dave 'Chimpster' Paterson


Let's not beat around the bush, Jackson Howard is pretty damn good. Auto include X 3 good. So good that no-one uses Noise any more, who was no slouch (pre C&C most would argue). So good that milling is largely now viewed as a pointless exercise and a waste of runner resources. Is this justified or am I just pining for the fjords?


Forums are up



As I'm looking to make Netrunners into a community site for UK gamers, I'm offering a forum board to any group/organisation that wants one. I am also happy to provide groups with a private board in addition to the public one if they want somewhere quiet to call their own.


If you're interested and would like to setup something for your group, please email me or message in the forums and I'll get something setup ASAP. Bear with me as I'm still a little bit new to all this PHPBB melarky but hopefully it should work as advertised.


Jacked in



Welcome to Netrunners.co.uk, a new resouce for the UK designed to help you get to grips with the finer points of the game and to put you in contact with a regular gaming scene.


Notable news


The plugged in tour is in full swing over in the states which has led to some interesting new deck ideas emerging. We hope to bring you some analysis and details soon. In the mean time, have a shufty at the spoilers of the mystical "Jenteki Challenge Deck" in the link below as well as some other Spin Cycle cards.


Spoilers from pluggedin

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