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Critical Twits Podcast - Netrunner Series

Posted: Sat Sep 17, 2016 11:43 pm
by CriticalTwitsBrian
Hi all - Brian from the Critical Twits here. We're a UK-based gaming podcast and we've just started a monthly Netrunner series. The plan is for the two of us who are experienced runners of nets (Jamie and Joe) to guide the two of us who are completely new to the game (Aaron and myself) and turn them into lethal, tournament-trained, Earth-scorching, ice-rezzing tournament players by Christmas. We've paired up to make it extra competitive - Joe and Aaron are the Mister Miyagi and Daniel-san of the group, whereas Jamie and I are the evil-but-obviously-far-cooler guys from the Cobra Kai (based entirely on my desire to blow everything up with Argus, like a Traffic Accident in a human face, forever). Reputations are on the line, biscuits are at stake, and I've played 25 games of Netrunner in a week and now dream about virus counters when I sleep.

We'd love it if you would give us a try and see if you enjoy what we're doing - hopefully we can combine some insight with a bit of outsider commentary on the metagame and tournament scene, and maybe make you laugh. You can find the first episode of podcast on Youtube (, Soundcloud (, and iTunes (

I'm looking forward to hanging around here and getting to know people, and maybe one day meeting some of you in a tournament. Feedback welcome, good or bad. Thanks for clicking!

Re: Critical Twits Podcast - Netrunner Series

Posted: Sun Oct 16, 2016 12:00 pm
by CriticalTwitsBrian
Hi all - our second episode is up, featuring our ongoing adventures into the world of Netrunner, our 100 Game Challenge, some discussion of our favourite cards, and more. It can be found here: Let us know what you think!

Re: Critical Twits Podcast - Netrunner Series

Posted: Tue Jan 10, 2017 5:12 pm
by CriticalTwitsBrian
Latest episode is here - I played my first ever tournament, 2016's Charity Gift, where everyone has a different pair of IDs and the goal is to raise a bunch of money for Sheffield Children's Hospital. Let us know what you think! You can find how it went right here:



Re: Critical Twits Podcast - Netrunner Series

Posted: Fri Mar 10, 2017 12:12 am
by CriticalTwitsBrian
Hello! I've been remiss, and forgotten to fill you in on our last two podcasts!

Firstly, our challenge is over - which of the Twits placed best in our first store championship, and won the greatest prize of all: being able to rub it in the other twit's face FOREVER.
My First Store Championship -

We then decided that we would tackle a faction each month, bringing our (relatively recent) knowledge to bear in the form of beginner's guides for our fellow noobs.
Jinteki Corp Beginner Guide -

Thanks for clicking, let us know what you think.

Re: Critical Twits Podcast - Netrunner Series

Posted: Tue May 16, 2017 12:43 pm
by CriticalTwitsBrian
Hi all! Another podcast is up, this one trying to break down the confusion surrounding Terminal Directive without spoiling anything!