Cheevs 2017

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Cheevs 2017

Postby MartinP » Tue Oct 25, 2016 12:23 pm

So... World's are next week, but for those of us not taking a flight to FFG HQ to grab this years title, the next big thing in netrunner is the impending Store Championship season which pretty much starts in a little over 2 weeks time


Would be ace to hear how many of your 'Cheevs from 2016 you achieved (4/8Total here!), what store champs you're looking to conquer, and what are your goals for this years tournament season?

Kicking things off I'm looking to make at least another 6 store champs this year - Cheltenham, Stroud, Bristol (x2), Cardiff (x2), Exeter or Evesham are looking like my likely suspects so far until dates are confirmed.

In terms of achievements, I'm hoping to accomplish the following

  • Consistancy is Key :: Place top 50% in at least 6 store champs
  • Little Leagues 2.0:: Make top 4 cut at store champs / Survive Top 8 cut to 4th place or better
  • Improved Performance:: Place top 8 in a Regional
  • This Time I'll Make it :: Get into the top 50% of the Nationals standings
  • Airmiles :: Go to worlds
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Re: Cheevs 2017

Postby Pete » Thu Oct 27, 2016 2:57 pm

Good stuff Martin!

I've only got 2/13 'cheevs for 2016.

I did take ~7 months off from NetRunner so I'm not too cut up about my record so far. There's still 2 months of the year left: I do have an article for brewing but it's kinda trippy grimepunk so I dunno if Chimpster will bite. It seems like the chat and action has moved to Slack rather than here.

So on to 'cheevs for 2017.

  • Road Trip :: Attend 3 Store Champs.
  • I HEART JOHNO! :: High-5 Johno! (Can be 'cheeved multiple times.)
  • I PROXY JOHNO! :: Get someone else to high-5 Johno too!
  • Alt :: Organise/support more of these alternate format events. (I really enjoyed the 1-1-1-1 event.)
  • Gotta Catch Them All :: Play each ID at least once in tourneys throughout 2017.
  • What Did The Romains Ever Do For Us? :: Support Romain in his rise to NetRunner tourney glory!
  • Taking The Tr1s! :: Support Tris in his rise to NetRunner tourney glory!
  • Plot Twist, The Ark Sinks! :: Scoop Noah. Regularly.
  • Celebrate [The Oxford Massive] :: Organise a few Celebrate The Heck Out Of Foo nights.
A shorter list this year, and one focused not at all on skill and rather more on the excellent community that we have on the UK scene. (And internationally too I guess.)
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Re: Cheevs 2017

Postby GuyCliquil » Sun Oct 30, 2016 5:40 pm

I am not sure what I want to acheive next year in part because of what I am willing to put in, work wise. The game is really competitive at the top level and I don't have the patience for those lines on or the constant refinement of one deck to make it work for me. (not that there is anything wrong with that, I have nothing but respect for those that truly make competitive Netrunner the really tough place to be)

With that in mind I hope that people continue to enjoy their games against me, that I surprise people and entertain people with decks i come up with, and that I am able to make Oxford a welcoming place for people to come to play Netrunner on occasion.

Oh and crush Pete obviously.
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