New boxes on Drop Gun are giving random models

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New boxes on Drop Gun are giving random models

Postby Gaslikon » Mon Feb 05, 2018 3:47 pm

Dropgun web-service gave me some not bad drops earlier. I was opening some cases here and got some nice skins but after that didn't open it) But recently I read out that Drop Gun was a title sponsor of Gambit team. I'm convinced that the web service that sponsors a team is better than noname one! After that news I have looked at Dropgun from different point of view)

When I enter the web store I think that there are new design of boxes there!. . Now I put my mind to buy cases on Dropgun. The boxes are real nice with cool items inside:) Now I've filled my own balance and began to select the offer! I open usually expensive and average price cases) I'm trying not to open cheap cases because of bad drop. I decided to spin Gunmaniac box. The web-service tells near random spin from boxes:)

And I was about to learn if it were true. . . 5 first opening were not very top models but 3 of them made earning! First spins offred me cool hope)After these dropps I have caught ?StatTrak™ M9 Bayonet Lore) After near 10 bad spins I've got AK47 Fire serpent factory new. After that I made 10 more spins but there were nothing really top. So, let's count, I made a refill with 100$ and made about 20 bad openings! The bad openings took about 80$ from me!. . And $ 300 gave me great models I dropped! 200$ was my own incoming and I can sell that items or change them:)

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