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[Poole] New Regular Events

Postby BagOfHolding » Fri Nov 20, 2015 10:47 am

Hi Guys,

Sorry I've been so quiet - been somewhat hectic for a while!

We have finally got NetRunner back in our hands to run at LvlUp in Charminster, I have Organised Play kits on their way, and Drafting kits too - we are doing it properly this time!

Since most people seem to be available on Sundays - that will be the nominated day for events, and our regular sessions too!.

We have organised a Draft using Cyber War on the 13th December, and I'm in the process of putting a calendar of events together for the New Year too - NetRunner will get a dedicated Game Day once a month with OP, and there will always be one of the BoH staff there on a Sunday for regular gaming. I've increased the stock levels of the older cycles (apart from Opening Moves, which I have had to sell my own copy 3 times now!!!) and will be making sure we get the latest in as soon as it lands.

So, come on down to LvlUp in Charminster for your regular dose of NetRunner from now on!


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