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[Gloucester] Tournaments

Postby Phoenix » Tue Oct 13, 2015 4:26 pm

So we have been a bit lax lately with organising tournaments so its about time we got on and organised some! We are going to aim (venue permitting) to hold a monthly tournament with various levels of fun/seriousness/competitiveness. Given how popular the random ID tournament we recently ran was, we are definitely going to throw in some more interesting ones!

So when are we planning to get our act together? Well the aim is to hold the next tournament in mid November and then aim for the middle of each month after that (conveniently missing Christmas!).


Venue: All of our tournaments are held at the Gloucester Deaf Association, Colin Road, Barnwood, Gloucester, GL4 3JL. There is plenty of parking available on site.

Times: In general our tournaments are held on a Wednesday evening, 7-11ish, as this is our normal gaming night. Usually 4 rounds of swiss. Bigger events, such as store championships, are held at weekends.

Price: For our regular tournaments, entry is £5.00 - £2.50 goes to the venue (a charity) and £2.50 goes to prize support.

Prize Support: For those of you who attended our store championship last year you will know that the additional prizes we provided were numerous, including copies of alt art Noise, BABW, Scorched, Adonis, Making News etc. Our regular tournaments too generally have prize support over and above that provided in Game Night Kits etc. All this is possible both through donations and by people attending our regular tournaments. The more you attend, the more money we have available to buy prizes!

Decklists: For our regular tournaments deck lists are not required - we trust people to be honest and hope that they are.

So in terms of future tournaments, here are the current plans (dates to be decided, a page dedicated to each tournament will be made when more details are known)

November: Core Set Only Tournament
We have some new guys starting in our area and wanted to invite them along to a tournament on an even footing. It will also be a bit of nostalgia for those who were playing in Core set days (I wasn't!).
[*]Deck Construction - Single Core Set
[*]Prize - One copy of every ID in the game released up until the date of the tournament (excluding flip IDs)

December: Pick a Box
We wanted to do something to mark Data and Destiny's arrival.
[*]Deck Construction - Pick a Deluxe Expansion (this does NOT include the Core Set). You may only use IDs from that box. All other cards are available.
[*]Prize - To be decided.

We should have the Winter GNK available for this time and are likely to run a tournament with that as the prize. The other month will likely be some sort of fun tournament.

Most importantly, if anyone has an idea for a tournament in the future let me know and I am sure we can fit it in!


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