Third Place Worlds 2015 Report

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Third Place Worlds 2015 Report

Postby Chimpster » Sat Nov 28, 2015 2:39 pm

Site Article: ... eport.html

Mr David Hoyland, UK National Champion 2014, World's Top 8 2014 and now 3rd place finish at World's 2015 (going to run out of space for introductions at this rate!) has kindly taken the time to write up his 3rd place tournament report/experiences. It's a cracking read that includes details of the triumph of team UK at the King of Servers event.

Once again, a huge congratulations to Dave Hoyland, and to all of the UK players who made the trip! Well played good sirs!
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Re: Third Place Worlds 2015 Report

Postby GuyCliquil » Sat Nov 28, 2015 7:17 pm

I think the piece was great, and the hot topic seems to be jealousy & I think it is a fairly consistent thing. What is important is how people act on the outside and what messages you give to people; for you part (and is true of the others who have added their admission to this thread) I'd say they are always friendly and always, importantly, willing and enthusiastic about helping others to get better at the game. I don't think your internal state has had any negative impact on anyone else so I think extreme thumbs up are in order.
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Re: Third Place Worlds 2015 Report

Postby shanodin » Sat Nov 28, 2015 9:17 pm

Great article, Dave. I've been playing with the Endless Waltz deck for quite a while now and having a ton of fun - Leela is a fantastic runner to use and the way you've built her really lets you take advantage of it. Congrats to you and the rest of team GB for doing us proud on the world's stage!
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Re: Third Place Worlds 2015 Report

Postby Brendan » Sun Nov 29, 2015 12:06 am

Took Endless Waltz to the team tournament today (with a minor tweak of the twi John M for a single Sym Vis). She went 4-0, and is a very strong runner deck.
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Re: Third Place Worlds 2015 Report

Postby Cerberus » Sun Nov 29, 2015 11:17 am

Thanks for all the positive feedback guys and girls.
I think the section on jealousy has really been well received, which I'm surprised by but definitely pleased by. It's inspired me to think more about the subject and there are some other subjects that I think are worth writing about.

Really pleased that people are playing and enjoying the deck. Thanks for giving it a try :)
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Re: Third Place Worlds 2015 Report

Postby evilgaz » Tue Dec 01, 2015 6:44 pm

Great write up! I’ll try to remember the heart-felt epic I typed at work and redo it, as apparently while they let me view the forum, if I try to preview or post a response, that page is viewed as a security risk, so it handily eats all the typed text and blocks those pages. Thanks for that security team.

Always good to hear insights about what people are thinking. Having got the stone-cold killer sobriquet from the Twitch crowd myself, I join the group of players the community seem to view as indecipherable machines during a game – we’re all just people though! ;)

I found the jealousy comments interesting. I was quite keen (before, during and after) the Worlds event to labour the Team GB / UK theme (we should just pick one – I found it funny to hashtag Team GB as loads of people interested in Olympic athletes would be getting things in their stream about geeky card games). Reinforcing this and focusing on everyone getting more skilled may help redirect your feelings? Emotions are obviously quite personal so it’s hard to know what to say here.

No one can do well all the time. Variance, ill luck, bad draws, poor mulligans, rough match ups, unlikely accesses and all manner of things can affect how you do in a tournament overall. I remember Alex mentioning many times about his luck and initially I dismissed it with the glib comment “If you win all the time, it’s not luck!”, but of course what he (probably) means is; it’s not enough to be a good player, things have to fall right for you on the day too. At UK National Champs, Worlds and many other events, there’s lots of good players, all possibly equally deserving of the title. Only one person can take it though.

In the game streamed with Tagore, he had a 50/50 chance of winning the second game, but picked the non-agenda card. Because I didn’t think my one-Ichi 1.0 remote was secure enough for scoring the next turn I drew and saw another agenda. Now I had to go for a score – and Tagore went for R&D. I thought I was playing safe, but ended up saving myself, but more by luck than judgement. We were both 9-3 going into that match – was I that much of a better player to justify being 11-3 after and Tagore 9-5? We’re both strong players (in a totally non-pompous way) and I think it’s largely down to how the cards fell in the match. In a practice game the day before, Tagore beat me with the same decks.

I’d love someone different to take to UK National Champs next year. I’ve no problem with Dave or Alex getting the crown again – they’re both certainly good enough, no doubt – but I reckon we’ve got a really strong meta in the UK and I want to spread the love around. I want other people, especially in the vocal States, to know many names from over here and see the strength of the field. More importantly though, is loads of players deserve that title and other National Champion spots. And one of us needs to win Worlds FFS.

I was slightly bemused by Alex apologising for not doing better at Worlds. He was one game away from the top cut. Given all the luck and variance I’ve talked about, on another day or in a parallel universe, he would make it. Getting 11-5 in that environment is a massive achievement. It’s really tough, I was there. I do understand the feeling of expectation from other people however – and the pressure you put on yourself. I had a stinker of a weekend in Holland (friendly tournament included), but no end of people were talking about my Nordic Champion win. At the Northampton event this weekend, just putting the playmat from Worlds down drew expectations from my opponent but I could have easily lost several games. But we’re all just people and players. Some days we’ll get the run of luck and do well, others we’ll make all the right moves, but our decks will betray us. In a tournament you need everything to go your way consistently.

I may have wandered off point…

We’ve got a really strong scene in the UK and it gets better at a competitive level with each tournament as we test our mettle against each other. We can be pleased with the improving skill level across the board, and take pride in all of us getting stronger and more recognised internationally. Of course we all want to do well all the time, and there is an expectation based on past performance, but there are only so many places in the top cut but many more players that are capable enough and can justify a spot in them.

It’s only human to want to be doing well. We should concentrate on how well the community does – the support, deck sharing, advice, home-grown tournaments, banter, friendly games, testing, teaching new people etc. I don’t know how individuals will channel that to wrestle inner daemons – everyone is different and how they approach life and feelings varies wildly. But we can call take pride in the achievements of us as a community – the passion and commitment, fun times and laughs, raising skill level and commitment to events far and wide.

All I can suggest is focus on the group, try your best and feel happy for your personal part in making everyone as a whole better at this weird, geeky hobby of ours. It’s us versus the world, and we’re winning.
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Re: Third Place Worlds 2015 Report

Postby Nemamiah » Tue Dec 01, 2015 7:15 pm

I agree with Gaz.

(See how much shorter that was?)
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Re: Third Place Worlds 2015 Report

Postby zooeyglass » Thu Dec 03, 2015 12:49 pm

Dave / Mr Hoyland / Cerberus,

What a great write-up. Please add my voice to the choir saying thank you - really interesting read and paired nicely with your interview on The Winning Agenda.

The jealousy bit has had some attention but I wanted to say as well how refreshing it was to see that written down. I think it touches on an aspect of competitive play that maybe doesn't get enough coverage, that being what's going on in the player's mind, how they are dealing with their mindset shifting or all the things around playing competitively that aren't the game itself. The atmosphere, the nerves, all of that stuff. People will often note on a report 'was feeling really good' or something like that, but, personally, it's nice to have this addressed.

What does it mean in the future for you? Well, that's for you to work out. But even if it's just 'I need to watch that in myself', that's progress, and I think it'll make you an even stronger player. Well done on your successes over the netrunner year!

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