[Swansea] Draft Night June 18th

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[Swansea] Draft Night June 18th

Postby CommissarFeesh » Wed May 21, 2014 11:39 pm

June's a busy month for us in Swansea it looks like - The Gamer's Emporium will be hosting a Draft tournament for the first time!

It's a full-draft, so you'll need a Cyber War starter as well as a Corp and Runner draft pack. Obviously if you have a Starter from a previous draft there's no need to buy another one.

Entry for the tournament will be £5 (which also includes the £2 day pass if you want to arrive early and play other games in store).

The Gamer's Emporium will be including gift vouchers as prizes, which can be redeemed in-store or through their website.

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