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[Swansea] Monthly League

Postby CommissarFeesh » Mon Oct 06, 2014 1:37 pm

Starting soon at the Gamer's Emporium!

As games are going to be monthly but not necessarily the same time each month, we have a Facebook group set up here. If you don't like Facebook, I can create a mailing list for League updates also.

The League has been designed both to encourage diversity in deckbuilding, and to not punish people for missing sessions. As such, game results are averaged over the course of the league, with bonus points added for bringing new decks each month.

Full rules below!

League Play

Participants will play games against each other on pre-arranged monthly League Nights. Players will play a full match against each opponent within a 1-hour time limit. A match consists of two games, with players alternating between playing Corp and Runner. Players may, if they wish, play multiple matches against the same opponent, but only the first match played against a particular opponent each League Night will be scored. Therefore players are recommended to play against a variety of opponents.

Players must construct legal decks according to standard Netrunner Tournament rules, obeying any Restricted or Banned lists.

Players must use the same Corp and Runner deck for the duration of a single League Night, but are encouraged to bring different decks on each League Night (see League Points below).

At the end of a League Season, the player with the highest number of League Points (see below) will be declared winner.

Each League Season will run for 6 months and points will be reset for each new season. A player must have played at least 9 matches in the Season to qualify to win.

Match and Game Scoring

Games will be scored on the following criteria:
• 3 Prestige for an outright win
• 2 Prestige for a timed win
• 1 Prestige to each player for a draw

Therefore the maximum prestige available for each full match will be 6. Players will be responsible for correctly recording their own match results against each opponent on each League Night.

League Points

Prestige will be averaged out over the course of a league season (total prestige earned divided by number of matches) to give a number of League Points between 0 and 6.
Added to Prestige will be bonus league points for playing with a variety of IDs and factions. Players will be awarded bonus points for the following:

• 0.05 League Points the first time a player brings a deck of any faction they have not played previously.
• 0.05 League Points the first time a player brings a deck of any ID they have not played previously.
• These are cumulative, so the first time a player plays a new faction they will be awarded 0.1 League Points (0.05 for ID and 0.05 for faction).

If, at the end of a season players have the same number of League Points, ties will be broken according to which player has the greatest number of wins with their weakest side (Corp or Runner). If there is still a tie, this will be decided by a final playoff game.
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Re: Swansea Monthly League

Postby CommissarFeesh » Wed Jun 10, 2015 7:31 pm

I am a terrible person and I don't post here often enough!

League Season two is starting this month! June 27th at The Gamer's Emporium!

One very minor edits to the above rules:

The League is now 4-weekly instead of monthly, except where otherwise noted. Typically, the very first session is a week late, so there'll be a three-week break between night 1 and night 2 and then we'll resume normal service. I will try and notify non-facebook users where issues arise, but I cannot promise I will always remember to do so.

So please, come down and make Season 2 even more fun than season 1 was!

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