Netrunners Forum Details and Rules

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Netrunners Forum Details and Rules

Postby Chimpster » Mon Oct 07, 2013 8:55 pm

These forums are designed to be a places where groups can gather, discuss and hopefully interact with other members of the Netrunners community.

1) Please be respectful of other members
Competition and competitiveness are what the game is about but I won't tolerate it if it starts getting personal.

2) No drama
Really dont want to be dealing with people getting offended at everything. If you have a problem, please make the team aware of it and we'll deal with it (and hopefully resolve it) rather than crying or gathering a mob with pitchforks.

3) Criticise carefully
We're all sensitive creatures at heart so please be considerate in your criticism of other users ideas and arguments. Also, we all love Netrunner, so keep criticism about it constructive. No one needs to hear about how card x is overpowered, instead consider discussion centred around how to best counter said threat.
If you have any issues with this site, please contact me via PM or over at

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