Le Edinburgh InterCity Tournament

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Le Edinburgh InterCity Tournament

Postby Pete » Wed Jan 20, 2016 4:09 pm

-- Andy is genuinely shocked when Johno plays an SMC out of Kate

Joey, Johno, Guy, Pete! Four legends of the Reading Oxford metas who cast aside bitter rivalry for one weekend in January to travel north to the black rock of Edinburgh and there contest the 2nd InterCity Tournament!

#spoilers Team ReadOx came 9th out of 16 teams. Fun was had, nets were run, beers were quaffed, good times.

Edinburgh hosted a great tourney. The venue was spacious, the restaurants and bars the hosts took us to were grand, the communications were spot on, the organisation on the day was smooth... top marks. Thanks Even, Peter, and Seamus! The Newcastle crew have been set a high bar.

Johno, Joey, Guy and I travelled up to Edinburgh on the train. We had a table, we played tons of NetRunner and Code Words, it was easy. Thanks for organising this shizzle Johno.

--Johno ponders why he slotted Hard At Work in his Kate PPVP

-- sweet mats, much wow

Friday night was spent meeting folk in some or other bar in Edinburgh. It was great to see so many legends -- The Parson, The Mercenary, MendaxX -- and to meet new folk who we'll likely see again at Regionals and Nationals. The Friday evening was whiled away drinking craft beers and playing Two Rooms, One Boom.

-- ever wondered what breakfast fuels champions? Evidently, Cocoa Pops

-- Team Sheffield in the background ponder Guy's breakfast choice

The Tale of the Tape

There was a woman who was old, blind, and likewise unable to walk. Once she asked her daughter for a drink of water. The daughter was so bored with her old mother that she gave her a bowl of her own piss. The old woman drank it all up, then said: "You're a nice one daughter. Tell me--which would you prefer as a lover, a louse or a sea scorpion?"

"Oh, a sea scorpion," laughed the daughter, "because he would not be crushed so easily when I slept with him."

Whereupon the old woman proceeded to pull sea scorpions out of her vagina, one after the other, until she fell over dead.

That feeling you're experiencing right now after having read the above Inuit folk tale... well, that's close to how I felt on the day when all was done and dusted.

I went 4-6 on the day. I lost every game with Leela and only lost one game with Spark due to a freak flood.

Round 1 :: David from Glasgow

Corp split.

David was playing Chronos Protocol and Andy.

I lost the Leela-Chronos matchup by... talking. If I hadn't opened my mouth I reckon I'd have won. I talk when I play. I like some friendly banter, I call out good plays, I groan audibly when I faceplant a Cortex Lock, and I "choo choo" when I score an AstroScript.

In the pivotal turn of this match I had stolen 5 Agenda points and there was a Future Perfect in Archives. I had previously Account Siphoned the Corp down to just 1 credit. I didn't have enough clicks to clear the tags and run Archives so I had to float those tags. I knew that the Corp had a single Scorched Earth in hand and I had four cards in hand and no installed Plascrete.

Last click, I run Archives for the game. There's a Shock in there so I drop to 3 cards in hand. If the Corp ends the turn on 1 credit, then they win because they click twice for credits and Scorch.

  • Both bid 0 :: Runner wins.
  • Corp bids 0, Runner bids 1 :: Corp wins by flatline next turn.
  • Corp bids 1, Runner bids 0 :: nobody wins, game continues.
  • Both bid 1 :: Runner wins.
What do you bid for the psi-game?

Thing is, I literally talked the above options out with David. We agreed that the right play was for the Runner to bid 0: the worst result is that the game continues. If the Runner bids 1 then the worst result is a flatline.

So, I bid 1. David bid 0. Leela was flatlined. :lol:

I bid 1 as opposed to 0 only because I had talked it out with David: we both knew what the right play was for the Runner and I knew that he knew that I knew that he knew that. You know? :P If I'd assembled the options in my head I'd have bid 0. (I always bid 0 anyway.) By talking it out I effectively mind-gamed myself out of the win.

When the credits were revealed I threw my head back with laughter. Superb! I extended my hand to David and we moved on to the Spark vs Andy which was a straightforward win for me. I found the Leela ending highly amusing and I cheered David on for the rest of the day.

-- Joey's answer to R&D lock

Round 2 :: Dave Saiya from Alder... London

Corp split.

Dave was playing HB Foodcoats and his awesome Kate Hyper-dig. Dave is a top lad and I was pumped to be facing off against him for the honour of ReadOx.

Leela lost against Foodcoats. It was just awful for me. You trash an Eve and a Breaker Bay... and next turn two "mystery" cards slide into the remote again. Awful.

The Spark vs Kate Hyperdig was great! I'd played against Dave and his fab deck at a Reading GNK so I knew what was coming: one massive 13+ click turn of DDoS, Keyhole, and Medium. I'd received plenty of advice from Brendan and Joey about how to play against the deck, so I took their advice... and won! I did get a slice of luck -- you need some luck to survive 5-6 Keyhole runs and a subsequent ~10-card deep Medium dig -- but the advice from Brendan and Joey gave me that luck.

I mulliganed for an Astro, got it, and first turn naked installed the Astro and a Breaking News. I then acted out a whole "do I want to rez this PAD Campaign" on Dave's turn... happily, Dave spent his first turn setting up.


Scoring that first Astro was sweeter than licking molasses off the thigh of a Bolivian ladyboy in the sultry heat of a summer evening.

A second Astro soon followed and then I started drawing heavily to pull Agendas into hand. I scored a couple of Breaking News to go to match point and Dave was forced to go for his big dig a little early. 2x NAPD, 1x Beale, and two other cards were in an HQ with rezzed ICE, 6 Agendas had been scored or stolen, a 15 Minutes was installed in a scoring remote with rezzed ICE, so R&D was pretty empty. Dave was running low on credits too -- ~5-6 -- so wouldn't be able to thin R&D by trashing the assets and still afford to score NAPDs. I just needed to survive that one hellish turn.

I survived and scored the 15 Minutes for the win. Phew! Great game and I was so pumped to have beaten that Kate Hyperdig deck: it's a monster!

-- Mere moments before battle commenced

Round 3 :: Alice from Preston


Alice was playing Haarp Kill and Leela.

I got to game point with Leela but, despite maintaining an R&D lock and hitting HQ as much as I could Alice Psycho'd an 11pt Beale. Fair play, close game. Sure I lost but I felt I was in it all the way and Alice had to work for it: I just kept missing the winning Beale in HQ... ah well, that's the way it goes sometimes.

Gratz to Alice who was a great opponent with some fine banter. We didn't have enough tokens to cover the enormous quantity of tags I was accumulating (~40 odd?) so we switched to dice. As Alice handed me a couple of d10s she noted with sadness that she didn't "have a dFuckingLotOfTags."

In the Corp game I kept an okay opening hand with some event economy, two ICE, an advert, and an NAPD. I then proceeded to draw an Astro, a Beale, another Astro, a Breaking News, another Breaking News, a 15 Minutes, and another NAPD. I tried to sneak out a naked Astro but the remote got checked and one Legwork later it was all over. I had no chance in this "game." I felt a smidgin bad for the other lads because that scoop didn't help us as a team but as James might say, my Corp deck "shat the bed."

-- So hot right now, spanked but still smiling

Round 4 :: Dan from Leeds

Corp split.

Dan was playing HB Foodcoats and PPVP Kate. The Spark win was straightforward, not much to write home about. Dan was a great opponent, friendly and full of banter. Good stuff!

Leela lost against Foodcoats. It was just awful for me. You trash an Eve and a Breaker Bay... and next turn two cards slide into the remote again. Awful.

Round 5 :: Tom from Sheffield

Corp split.

Tom was playing HB Foodcoats and Chaos Theory Siphon Spam.

Leela lost against Foodcoats. It was just awful for me. You trash an Eve and a Breaker Bay... and next turn two cards slide into the remote again. Awful.

Punter wrote:Huh? Did you just copy and paste that again?

I did. All my matchups against HB: Foodcoats played out the same.

I scored out for the Corp win. I was Siphon'd 7 times, but my Spark's taxing build, asset economy, and asset recursion saw me weather that. It was the closest Spark match I had all day though tobesure.

-- Johno and Andy play I'm A Little Teapot with mixed results


I thoroughly enjoyed the weekend and would recommend it to anyone on the UK scene. Good work Edinburgh!

-- Seamus, Even, and Joey, looking suave

Robert E. Howard wrote:But not all men seek rest and peace; some are born with the spirit of the storm in their blood.

Joey, Johno. You were great team-mates, entertaining travel companions, and fine raconteurs #brofist

We must now cast aside fellowship and return to our traditional enmity. Know that when Guy and I face you across the bloody tabletops of various SCs, there will be no mercy.

:: rushes off to go pull sea scorpions out of his cock ::
#yoloswagginsblazeit420MLGNoSc0pe :: it's the only way I roll.
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Re: Le Edinburgh InterCity Tournament

Postby Brendan » Wed Jan 20, 2016 4:51 pm

Great write up!

It's very hard to shut down the HB economy. With Breaker Bay Grid, things went a bit crazy. It's like a reusable Hedge Fund...
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Re: Le Edinburgh InterCity Tournament

Postby MartinP » Wed Jan 20, 2016 8:10 pm

You got a rough set of matchups with all that foodcoats, sounds like a good time was had by all!

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