Oxford Mini-Tournaments

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Oxford Mini-Tournaments

Postby Brendan » Mon Mar 16, 2015 3:14 pm

Thirsty Meeples have started running mini-tournaments on a Monday evening in place of (or within) our regular weekly Monday night Netrunner evenings. I'll try to keep this thread updated:

Netrunner Mini-tournaments

Cost: £4.50 (regular cover charge, no pre-booking)

Start time: 7pm, but check if people are heading to the store earlier for some warm-up. I'll probably be there by 6pm.
End time: Tournament usually ends by 10.30pm, and people stick around for more testing if they're keen.

December 14: Netrunner mini tournament! A Christmas tournament! I'm not sure if we'll have Mumbad's first datapack out by then, but maybe we can hope?
Jan 25: Netrunner mini tournament! More ice walls!

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