[Leeds] Draft Tournament Pilot Program!

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[Leeds] Draft Tournament Pilot Program!

Postby LeedsNetrunner » Wed Apr 30, 2014 9:13 pm

Leeds Netrunner is hosting its first tournament!

We are going to try the draft format for the first time, and combine it with a small tournament to up the stakes a little. At the moment, this is the definite date (Bank Holiday Monday), and as we get more details on a confirmed venue (e.g. game store or pub) we will of course keep all those who are interested up to date.

It is likely to be a small entry fee of a couple of pounds on the day to create a prize fund, and of course you will need a full Cyber War draft pack with the Starter, Runner and Corporation cards, available for around £20. Hopefully we will also be able to make these available for purchase on the day.

Please register your attendance at the Eventbrite link below. Any questions, send us a message or grab us through the social network of your choice.


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Re: Draft Tournament Pilot Program!

Postby Sixtyten » Thu May 01, 2014 6:20 pm

I discovered when we ran a small draft tourney last week that it's worth not opening your draft kit in advance to look at the goodies. The cards are apparently ordered in a particular way to ensure that you get a certain number of agendas/ice breakers/etc. if people are bringing their own, you might want to let them know!
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Re: Draft Tournament Pilot Program!

Postby HatHair » Tue May 27, 2014 10:43 am

It was a really fun day. I was definitely not expecting any sort of prize. I just want to record my decks and some thoughts here for posterity.

The Corp deck drafted some Edge of Worlds very early on, and then was focused on those. Lots of cheap agendas that could be played out one turn and then advanced to completion on the next turn and economy assets supported the plan. I aimed for a mostly solid mix of cheap reliable ice to try and get centrals and at least one remote to 2-3 ice each early on. I actually won two of the four games through flatlines from Chum or Edge of World
The Runner side was mostly just a mix of decent economy, reasonable icebreakers, and a couple of tricks. The Maker's Eye never found me any agendas, I never played a Toolbox, but Magnum Opus and Ninja were probably the most useful. I generally got lucky in my runner games, sniping 3 point agendas from R&D and HQ to win.

Playing to 6 points really changed the tempo of the game, and I think having too many 3 pointers is a real liability. Snapping up whole bunch of 1 and 2 pointers was a big help in this regard, as I could lay down an agenda without worrying too much about it being stolen.

The Shadow

Agenda (9)
1x Braintrust
2x False Lead
2x Hostile Takeover
1x Nisei Mk II
1x Posted Bounty
1x Priority Requisition
1x Project Vitruvius

Operation (1)
1x Hedge Fund

Asset (8)
1x Adonis Campaign
3x Edge of World
1x Eve Campaign
1x Melange Mining Corp
2x PAD Campaign

Upgrade (1)
1x Red Herrings

Ice (15)
Sentry (5)
1x Janus 1.0
2x Neural Katana
1x Rototurret
1x Uroboros
Barrier (4)
2x Eli 1.0
1x Hadrian's Wall
1x TMI
Code Gate (4)
2x Chum
1x Enigma
1x Sensei
Mythic (2)
2x Chimera

4x Priority Requisition
1x Private Security Force
2x Closed Accounts
1x Commercialization
1x Power Grid Overload
1x Securiy Subcontract
1x Encryption Protocol
1x Midori
1x Corporate Troubleshooter

The Masque

Event (5)
1x Emergency Shutdown
1x Infiltration
1x Special Order
1x Test Run
1x The Maker's Eye

Resource (7)
2x Armitage Codebusting
1x Decoy
1x Liberated Account
1x Sacrificial Construct
1x Underworld Contact
1x Xanadu

Hardware (4)
1x Akamatsu Mem Chip
1x Lemuria Codecracker
2x The Toolbox

Icebreaker (7)
1x Corroder
2x Crypsis
1x Femme Fatale
1x Morning Star
1x Ninja
1x Peacock

Program (7)
2x Crescentus
1x Datasucker
2x Magnum Opus
2x Sneakdoor Beta

1x Vamp
2x Armitage Codebusting
1x Access to GlobalSec
1x Crash Space
1x Scrubber
1x Dinosaurus
1x Wyrm
1x Force of Nature
2x Deep Thought
1x Deus Ex
1x Pheromones
1x Sneakdoor Beta

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