[York] July 5th Event

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[York] July 5th Event

Postby MouseChan » Wed Jun 18, 2014 6:31 pm


4 or 5 round swiss depending on turn out.

Prize structure will be:

Everyone: promo wlydside

Top 4: gets to pick something from the cart

Door prize: Someone who didn't t4 will get something from the cart

Cart will include: ETF, Deckboxes (Jinteki and Crim), Playmats, datapack token (maybe).

Bonus Prizes

The Astroscript Prize: Secret prize for the winner, if both primary and secondry tie breakers are even between 1st and 2nd this prize will be given to the winner of a single game match.

The Punnative counterstrike prize: Person with the highest SoS (or 2nd highest if the winner has it) [IE: faced the toughest opponents, statistically]: Secret prize.
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