[Liverpool] Tournament 10/05/2015

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[Liverpool] Tournament 10/05/2015

Postby Umbraldancer » Sun May 03, 2015 10:37 pm

Legality: All sets

Entry: £3-6 dependent on players (< 8 = £3)

Location: The Scythe and Teacup Gamer Cafe

Rules: Standard FFG tournament Rules

Prizes: Game night kit, pop up/gordian blade

Start Time: registration 11-12 start soon after no lists required.

If there are up to 8 players then the kit will be divided for two tourneys, with the winners of each facing off for the mat.

There is a charity event on on the day at the Harlequins HQ in preston also, running 40k conquest and netrunner, if any one wants to donate just approach me.
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Re: Tournament 10/05/2015

Postby Umbraldancer » Mon May 18, 2015 5:49 pm

Long awaited sorry been a bit manic

Sunday 10th of May seen two tournements run back to back.

The first tournament finished as follows

1: Ryan Billington RP/Kate
2: Ben Watson RP/Maxx
3: Phil Armstrong NEH/Hayley!
4: Chris Grierson NEXT/Kit
5: James Stewart TWIY/Maxx
6: Aidan James Degg Nisei/Exile


1: Ben Watson RP/Maxx
2: Phil Armstrong NAH/Hayley
3: Ryan Billington ETF/Andromeda
4: Aiden Degg Nisei/Valencia
5: Chris Grierson NEXT/Kit
6: James Stewart TWIY/Maxx

With me and Ben facing off in the final showdown. I won the first game scoring the last agenda points on the last card of a 5 deep R&D dig, Ben won the second by denying my everything both RP decks losing!

Mr Watson scored more agendas in his game and was crowned Liverpool Spring Champion.

Congrats to you sir!

Some interesting decks on the day too with Exile and Hayley making an appearance and an all Neutral TWIY Deck.

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