Reading Jank Tournament 2:The Jankening, 2nd Place Report

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Reading Jank Tournament 2:The Jankening, 2nd Place Report

Postby GuyCliquil » Sun Dec 20, 2015 6:17 pm

Reading Jank Tournament 2:The Jankening, 2nd Place Report

The Format& How point were scored (a little unusual)

The main reason for my doing, again, a tournament report for this kind of tournament is that I really want people to dig this format. I am not sure but I think it might Johno of Neoreading grid (and Neoreading cast) fame’s creation and I just think it is really a nice structure to have every few months or so; it provides a format that can encourage great Netrunner stories, experiences and combinations not seen in normal play, especially in a tournament setting.

This tournament was a random ID tournament but with the emphasis being on “creative” *cough* janky *cough* builds. This meant that there were two ways to get points; the first was the classic way – winning games. Each player could also vote for one runner deck and one corporation deck after round 5 with each vote counting for half a point towards an eventual score total.

On this occasion Johno had also removed the biggest/best IDs from the possible listings; these was Val, Noise, Andromeda, Kate & Leela on the runner’s side and NEH, RP, ETF, and I think Haarpsichord and Blue Sun over on the corp side.

My Decks

This time I drew PE and Ken Tenma for my IDs. I was thrilled with Ken as I had had this idea a little while back….

Ken "Escher" Tenma - Reading Rand. ID Jank Tourney 2 - 2nd

(Honor and Profit)

Event (27)
2x (Core Set) ••••
3x (Creation and Control)
1x (Creation and Control) •••••
2x (Core Set)
3x (Order and Chaos) ••••• •
3x (Core Set)
1x (Honor and Profit)
3x (Honor and Profit)
2x (Second Thoughts)
3x (Core Set)
3x (Core Set)
1x (Core Set) ••

Hardware (2)
2x (Honor and Profit)

Resource (8)
2x (Core Set)
2x (Humanity's Shadow)
2x (Creation and Control)
2x (The Valley)

Icebreaker (6)
2x (Honor and Profit)
2x (Honor and Profit)
2x (Honor and Profit)

Program (3)
3x (Second Thoughts)
17 influence spent (max 17)
46 cards (min 45)
Cards up to The Valley

Decklist .

Sooooo… the name kind of give it away. It’s your classic Escher-Copycat deck.

What’s fantastic with this combo is that you don’t need to spend any influence on remote breakers so you can take the central only breaker suite, safe in the knowledge you can always get into a remote with no problem at all*

It is also fun because you get to say “I run here…. And NO I DON’T I’M OVER HERE INSTEAD!”

The deck took a lot of messing around with to get right. Economy was a problem early days, and card draw could also be surprising problematic. Public Terminal was a Godsend and really solidified the deck. It made Dirty Laundry as good as in PPK whilst also making a lot of what the deck tries to do a lot cheaper. Playing Recon for a net gain of a credit has never been sweeter.

What was weird about this deck was in order for it to shine you needed as much rezzed ice as possible - so that made Recon & Inside Job things you did to force Ice rezzes on remotes, along with Forged Activiation Orders where necessary. It also made econ denial the opposite of what you wanted to do. You did want your opponent slow but invested in Ice so Account Siphon which encourages either having few credits or ploughing the money into Assets was not useful. It also potentially made the corp more focused on protecting HQ and throwing a Crisium Grid on there which makes Escher so much harder to pull off.

As for the corp

Rezzed Junebug- Reading Random ID Jank Tourney - 2nd place

(Core Set)

Agenda (8)
3x (Up and Over)
2x (The Universe of Tomorrow)
3x (Honor and Profit)

Asset (8)
3x (Opening Moves) •••
2x (Core Set)
3x (Core Set)

Upgrade (6)
3x (Double Time)
3x (The Underway)

Operation (8)
3x (Opening Moves)
3x (Core Set)
2x (Honor and Profit)

Barrier (4)
2x (Opening Moves)
2x (Double Time) ••••

Code Gate (8)
3x (A Study in Static)
2x (Core Set)
1x (Upstalk)
2x (True Colors) ••••

Sentry (4)
2x (The Valley)
2x (Core Set) ••••

Other (3)
3x (Humanity's Shadow)
15 influence spent (max 15)
20 agenda points (between 20 and 21)
49 cards (min 45)
Cards up to The Universe of Tomorrow

Decklist .

This was more combo focused than I think is always wise, but it was fun to try and pull off. I only pulled it off in prepping for the tourney (once against CodeMarvellous which was particularly pleasing) but in the tournament the jank did not show.

Essentially the ideal combo was to Mushin No Shin out a Junebug - tell your opponent that it is a Junebug, in full honesty, with your word as a jank Netrunner.

Next turn rez it. For the lolz. And to prevent it being hit by Drive By...obviously.

Meanwhile you're setting up a trap server:

Step 1 - A way to make them not jack out. Sometimes this was Whirlpool. Sometimes this was gained through scoring Labyrinthine Servers. Sometimes i had to use a Marcus Batty to win a Psi game on the Whirlpool.

Step 2 - RSVP probably needs to fire, to minimise the amount of needed wins through psi games. This was often brought about through a Marcus Batty psi game win, ironically.

Step 3 - Bullfrog. If you have already won an RSVP Psi game it is easy to jump them into the Junebug.


As I said, the combo only fired in training but was fun when it did. Well, I did manage to fire the combo in the tournament, but they already had a Deus Ex out. I just decided to show off the combo.

One additional weakness was found in training - Security Testing (Bank Job would have done the same). I discovered this when someone put the Security Testing on this remote and, suddenly realising the problem, I went "NOOOOOO!" when they hadn't even realised the amazing counter they had stumbled upon.

I think if I were trying to make this more viable I might just make the combo fly into a Shinobi. This does 6 net damage against someone who can't spend credits just as well as an overadvanced Junebug. That said... rezzing Junebug just made this day.

The Day

I turned up nice and early on the train and grabbed myself a seat. As I entered some practice was already underway with some familiar faces from other locations. It was going to be a good day.

Game 1 - vs. <Name Deleted due to memory fail and I didn’t write things down> Exile & Foundry

Vs. Exile Aesops/Wastelands trashmoneyslopsion

My opponent has Deus Ex. And lots of recursion.

This may be an issue.

It was an issue.

I did fire off the combo to show I could do it and then conceded. I was playing against an Exile that, once set up, had a glorious Aesop’s/Wastelands selling stuff combo going on. Sooner or later R&D was going to hand over the goodies so I conceded to make room for the next game.

Great meta call on including Deux Ex – when playing jank, prepare for the unexpected!

Vs. Foundry Twins funtimes

Foundry is basically the ideal match up for my Ken deck. Needless to say I lost.

I think I remember getting the combo off in this game to steal an ABT but otherwise I think the servers just became too much for my Ken to find a way through. I think there may have been an Ash or Caprice involved in foiling my plans.

My opponent also went on to win the tournament which was well deserved for some great calls.

Game 2 - vs Rahul Kim and Nisei Division

I should preface this by saying that Rahul is one of the nuttiest jankiest players I currently play against regularly. I was expecting some comboey nonsense.

vs Nisei Division

Rahul's deck was actually pretty effective. Also the rezzed Janus over HQ, with the possibility of hitting a Twins fed him points through "An Offer You can't Refuse" . I did manage to steal a Fetal AI using the combo (he was kind enough to forget to use an early scored Nisei counter! :P ) but overrall he was a scoring machine that I could not contest.

... I'm gonna make him an offer to run into a Janus.

vs. Edward Kim

Rahul very early busted out the Gameday. This meant his hand size was going to be huuuuuuuuge throughout the entire game and he had the nigh on 80-90 cards in his deck to fuel that.

This made the Junebug play...problematic.

So I made a bad decision. An evil decision.

I tried to score.

Behind a Lotus Field.

I succeeded. I scooped up the points and my early hand flooding actually worked in my favour. With that many cards his Fausts were SOMEWHERE but he couldn't get to them in the time it took me to bash out the points i needed for a win.

I kind of feel bad that I didn't go full jank but I already could see that i wasn't going to get anywhere and I wanted lunch and a point!

Lunch: Holland & Barret


Game 3 vs Dave from Aldershot with Whizzard & BWBI

vs. Whizzard

This is going quite well. I start getting the combo set up, I have reasonable defenses on R&D and HQ. He's plugging away at them and seems to want to get the Caprice gone - we can deal with that the agenda density is fine. I reckon we can...

Hmmm he seems really keen on all three central servers. That's..



Combo gone. Dreams shattered. Game over.

I try and reset up the comb...


Eventually I am truly and properly crushed. Well played sir, well played.

By the end I didn't even have enough to show for it to form the basis of a Fallout game.

vs. BWBI

Early game is interesting, not really sure what the jank on my opponent's end is. Let's have a poke at HQ and find out, might pick up a point or two as well if I legwork.

Legwork into 7 points.


I am genuinely upset. I have shown no jank. No copycat, no escher. Just... instand win.

Terrible game.

We played a friendly afterwards where my jank failed to make much of a dent on his BWBI advancable ice. Still I guess I need the points!

Game 4: vs Gerry. Sunny & Chronos Protocol (on camera!)

So this game was filmed by the awesome Neoreading cast so...SPOILER ALERT... if you don't want to know what happens! :P I daresay Johno will release this after the mountain of work these videos must take has been undergone. I very much recommend that channel - I think they are good solid videos.

vs. Chronos Protocol

All is fine in this game... I mean I'm losing but not too badly and some comboing I think was possible.

And then I forgot that Recon does not protect me from Marcus Batty. Marcus Batty kills my sentry breaker. I had foolishly discarded some breakers earlier/


I nearly Copycat my way into a Sentry breaker before remembering he could just trash the Copycat.

This is why I had Clone Chips in an earlier version of the deck.

I do manage to Escher my way into another point or two but then I am decked out and get killed.

Fun game.

vs. Sunny

It took me a while to get everything set up for my combo... as I was doing so....

He ran by Junebug. He just drew up and ran it. He believed me.

He just ran it.

And then we eventually drew due to time.

Brilliant counter to my deck. Just hit the Junebug! :lol:

Game 5: vs Tom Exile & Tennin

vs. Tennin

Tom was playing Tennin like PE so wide, no Ice.

This made my Escher Copycat look rather useless.

So I just ran stuff and stole stuff. And I think I won

vs. Exile

I...I.... honestly don't remember this game.

Did I win? Did I lose? What happened? No idea. I think my brain was fried by this point.

Jank wise i voted twice for Rahul. His decks were mental, and one of them worked really well at the same time!

I was thankful that once again the crowd liked my jank and it propelled me up to second place.

I can't recommend this format enough. Maybe it just works in certain groups but I'd say that I feel like it is a very different challenge. The desire to entertain through decks I think is not confined to me, and getting a format designed for doing that is gratifying.

I think others had fun as well - it does get a good headcount. I think it might also be fun for new players to come along as there is less of a disparity in deck quality when more seasoned players are bringing along things that are nonsense. Once my games had finished I saw a lot of close games going on and I know that one of the players involved in one of them was a new player.

I saw some unfamiliar faces there and didn't say hello to everyone I could have done. I hope you all had fun & I will see you elsewhere. I always run the risk between wanting to seem outgoing and not wanting to seem so over the top friendly as to be overbearing.

Bring on the next jank tournament. I have no idea if my jester's hat can concoct anything else that will amuse people but I will do my best.

Until then.

Jank on
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