Nov-14 Cheap Thrills (IW) Overdrive DFT

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Nov-14 Cheap Thrills (IW) Overdrive DFT

Postby ScrappySPJ » Thu Mar 05, 2015 4:20 pm

This is a draft I posted on my local community at the time, I thought I'd post here to get some wider feedback. There were only four of us, so we decided to play round-robin, with single-elimination games if necessary too decide a winner. I didn't take any notes at the time so some of the game reports are quite brief - though some are brief and complete. (foreshadowing)


Agenda (6)
1x (Honor and Profit)
1x (Creation and Control)
3x (Honor and Profit)
1x (The Source)

Asset (11)
1x (Fear and Loathing) ••
2x (All That Remains) ••••
2x (Honor and Profit) ••••
3x (Core Set) ••••• •
2x (Mala Tempora) ••••• •
1x (Honor and Profit) •••

Operation (6)
2x (Opening Moves) ••••• •
2x (Core Set)
2x (The Spaces Between) ••••

Barrier (4)
1x (Up and Over) •••
2x (Creation and Control)
1x (True Colors) ••

Code Gate (3)
2x (Honor and Profit) ••••
1x (Opening Moves) ••

Sentry (4)
2x (Creation and Control) ••••• •
1x (Core Set) ••
1x (Core Set)
55 influence spent (max ∞)
15 agenda points (between 14 and 15)
34 cards (min 30)
Cards up to The Source

Sideboard: Eden Fragment, Executive Retreat x2, Gyri Laboratory, Hades Fragment, Manhunt x2, Private Security Force, Psychic Field, Rainbow, Snoop x2, The Cleaners

I always play Glacier as Corp so I tried to mix it up a little this time by grabbing as many Snare! as I could and daring the runner to come at me and trash my stuff. Paywall Implementation and The Future Perfect fit this plan. I do like to upgrade my Agenda in draft, and conveniently didn't actually have Honor and Profit at the time.


Event (5)
3x (Double Time)
2x (Core Set)

Hardware (5)
2x (Fear and Loathing) ••••
1x (Cyber Exodus) ••
1x (Core Set)
1x (Opening Moves) •••

Resource (5)
1x (Core Set) ••
2x (The Spaces Between)
2x (Honor and Profit) ••••• •

Icebreaker (9)
1x (Creation and Control) ••
1x (True Colors) •••
1x (Creation and Control)
2x (Honor and Profit)
3x (First Contact) ••••• •
1x (Up and Over) ••

Program (6)
3x (Creation and Control) ••••• •
2x (Fear and Loathing) ••••• •••
1x (Double Time) ••••
50 influence spent (max ∞)
30 cards (min 30)
Cards up to Up and Over

Sideboard: Borrowed Satellite, Copycat x2, LLDS Processor, Muresh Bodysuit, Paintbrush, Passport, Queen's Gambit, Retrieval Run, Security Testing, Torch, Theophilius Bagbiter, Tri-Maf Contact, Zu.13 Key Master

While drafting Runner cards I tried to aggressively cut as many Stealth cards as I could, and to concentrate generally on economy and breakers. My deck doesn't really have any worthwhile tricks as I never saw any I wanted so I ended up playing Codecracker - specifically I never saw any R&D Interface or Legworks.

Match one - Matt

As Runner I have early pressure on R&D as Matt has Grail Ice but no ETR, so I jump to a 5-0 lead. I'm also simultaneously attacking his hand with Hemorrhage so it's looking good. I decide to keep pressuring R&D at the cost of Net damage and my sole program (Hemorrhage) discarding some breakers but this turns out to be the wrong call as Matt has his other Agenda in hand and is able to score a couple in a remote to win 6-5. (Matt's agenda's are 3/3/3/3/2=14 so my scoring of the 2 point agenda is actually completely irrelevant, this feels like a slight flaw in the 6 points to win format).

The corp game is really quick, I don't draw any ETR ice and lose on either turn 2 or 3 to R&D interface.

Match two - Nick

I jumped out to an early Runner lead off R&D, and drew both all the breakers I needed and plenty of economy (at the end of the game my Heap was Sure Gamble, Sure Gamble, Lucky Find, Lucky Find, Lucky Find) and so won comfortably quite quickly.

The corp game was even shorter - a first turn kill.

At this point everybody in a four man tournament has won two games and lost two - all to play for!

Match three - Samual

I win as Runner, but don't recall much about the game. I think like the last round I just assembled a complete rig fairly quickly and I had too much economy in my deck for him to hold me off.

So if I can win as Corp I either win the draft or will be in a playoff for the win. I lose my first Paywall Implementation to a quick steal off R&D, but I have my second in hand and it stays in play for the remainder of the game, gaining me a LOT of credits, especially as Sam is using Security Testing. I score a Future Perfect behind a Curtain Wall, but have two more in hand together with another agenda, so it doesn't look good when Sam has a Legworks - which I had no idea was in this format. He hits Future Perfect but I win the psi-game. And the second Future Perfect but I win the psi-game again. Over the next turns I win two more psi-games (the Paywall Implementation is still in play and really helps), and I'm going to score a Future Perfect for the win when I screw up. I don't rez an Inazuma thinking I have him stopped but I'd forgotten that Grappling Hook and Overmind (1 counter remaining) can combine to break through Curtain Wall so I lose.
If I rez the Inazuma I can't score the FP next turn, but its very unlikely he can find the credits and breaker he needs to get through Inazuma + Curtain Wall so I should win the turn after.

Matt and Nick also split their games, so at this point everybody is 3 wins, 3 losses, and we move into single elimination games to decide the places.

Elimination - round 1 - Matt

I win a dice roll and choose to run. I jump out to a 3-0 lead, but Matt quickly levels at 3-3. The game comes down to a last turn run - an agenda will win for either of us, and I don't have any breakers with a rezzed Lancelot in front of his double-advanced card (he has a Galahad in hand), and an unknown piece of Ice in front of Lancelot. But I do have credits, and I'm able to install a Dagger and an Inti before running. The unknown Ice turns out to be Ashigaru and I have exactly enough credits to break Ashigaru and the one ETR Matt can add to Lancelot and take the win.

In the other game Nick has beaten Samual so I play him to decide the winner of the draft.

Elimination Final - Nick

This time I'm Corp I'm able to protect a Sundew on the first turn which remains in play for whole game (not quite as good as a first turn Snare kill but acceptable). By the end of the game I have a second Sundew installed, along with two Hostile Infrastructure and a Mental Health Clinic. So I'm super rich but with Nick having a Mimic with a Personal Touch and an Ice Carver I'm struggling to keep him out (my Ichi 2.0 looking particularly stupid) and lose 5 points off a porous R&D while scoring a Utopia Fragment - sadly all my Snare! are in the bottom 9 cards. But he only has a Passport as a Codegate breaker, so I decide to go for the win installing Inazuma in front of Curtain Wall and then Future Perfect behind. He has a Refractor in hand which he installs, but is a couple of credits short of breaking the Wall, so I win 6-5 and win the draft!


We all agreed that Cyber Wars draft was better than Cyber Wars, but that as fun as it is to draft it's just too expensive to justify doing regularly. We haven't scheduled another draft since, and it wouldn't surprise me if we don't bother hosting a System Crash draft. I'm not sure what FFG can do about this, though making it cheaper might help :)
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