Game Night Games Store Championship Report 2/21/2015

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Game Night Games Store Championship Report 2/21/2015

Postby NyanPudge » Fri Mar 06, 2015 4:40 pm

Ah, spring (sort of). The time of year when a young man’s fancy turns to Netrunner. Game Night Games in Salt Lake City was to be the first of the store championships in the area, scheduled for February 21st. A couple friends from the area had informed me of it, so I rounded up 3 of my fellow runners and we made the 3 hour trek uphill both ways in the snow. The event had a tasty 35 participants, so plenty of variety in the field.

Sets Legal: Upto and including Order and Chaos

My Decks:

Applied Restrictions - NBN: The World Is Yours*

SexX Bob-Omb - MaxX: Maximum Punk Rock

**Round 1, Ken M., Gagarin Deep Space and Rielle “Kit” Peddler**

Ken is a Salt Lake local whose sister married my brother, so I’ve played against him a number of times.

Game 1: TWIY vs Kit
He slaps down Kit, which is expected. When I last played him he was running a stealth rig Kit which he took second in his league with recently. I figure I’ll likely have a couple turns to work with while he sets up. Ice centrals, gain money, look for 2 pieces of ice to protect SanSan with. The surprise comes when he installs Cyber Cypher and immediately runs RnD. Only a Quandry protecting it, but he’s at 3 credits so may as well rez and cost him a little. He gets in, kills a Willo. He runs again and steals Beale. Not so much time to set up after all. I have Jackson, SanSan, and Astro in hand, so I install Jackson and start looking for my pieces. Wraparound and Breaking News, that’ll do. Install the SanSan, pass turn. He gets money and runs R&D again but no dice. More money and he draws, probably looking to rig build a little I figure.
A couple turns pass of this, I get a turn of Melange and am looking pretty for credits, with no Fracter and only Cyber Cypher on the table for decoders I feel like SanSan is safe behind Wraparound, and I score the first Astro. Ken scavenges his Cyber Cypher and immediately runs HQ, he steals a second Breaking News. Ouch. I have more ice in hand, but I draw an Astro on the mandatory. No other agendas in hand, so I score it out with SanSan giving me 2 counters. Ken is on the clock and he knows it, scavenging his Cypher a second time, he returns to RnD with an interface but doesn’t see anything of note. I draw with Jackson, and see my Hades Fragment. Ken is pretty broke now so he doesn’t run, and I score the Fragment out the next turn with SanSan + 2 Astro tokens. 7-4.

Game 2: MaxX vs Gagarin Deep Space.
Ken has been a lover of Scorched Earth and Weyland for as long as he’s been playing, but I’ve never seen him play Gagarin before. I figure it’s not something that will come into effect much as I rarely run remotes with MaxX without a damn good reason. I mulligan into a hand with no Eater, no Keyhole, 1 siphon and a couple parasites. He ices centrals and installs to a remote. I immediately run RnD and HQ, encountering an Eli over RnD no rez on HQ. He’s played my MaxX deck before and is probably aware that he shouldn’t rez ice unless I’m already siphoning.
Ken immediately begins to build sideways, and after a few turns has in the neighborhood of 6 remote servers, and a second level of ice over HQ. By this point I’ve drawn both Crypsis and Eater, and am highly suspicious that one of the ice he’s installed over HQ is a Swordsman. Having hit a couple Sure Gambles and Day Jobs, I feel wealthy enough to try to bait Swordsman out with Crypsis. I install it, and run his HQ. Swordsman. Crypsis dies, but hey, I have a Parasite, so in a couple turns HQ should be mine. He melanges, and with 2 rezzed PAD Campaigns I’ve come to accept that he’s going to be wealthy this game, MaxX hasn’t been quick enough off the line and he’s well set up aside from the open R&D. His Swordsman dies and I slap down Eater and Siphon him. He rez’s a Quandry, which I break. Then he rez’s a Sealed Vault. Damn, that’s not one I’ve seen lately. I have another Siphon in hand, but I lack the 8 credits required to force the trash on his 20+ credit Vault.
So, I go for Keyhole instead. Swordsman. I exclaim in abject surprise at the existence of 2 copies of Swordsman outside of Jinteki (or anywhere for that matter). He just smiles and informs me very politely that he hates me and hates MaxX and I got what I deserved. Fair enough. Another Quandry behind the Swordsman dashes my Keyhole hopes. Things are looking grim, so to speak. By this point he sets up a 3 ice deep scoring remote, and pumps out his first Agenda, a Glen Station. Possible sign of Government Takeover so maybe I have time to dig for Eater again while another Parasite does its work on the second Swordsman. I get to the end of my deck and Levy, getting Eater, Wanton and Day Job. This I can work with. He scores out a Government Contracts bringing him to 5 points while I start the Keyhole attack again.

R&D is mine already and I need to get rid of any agendas he may have in hand. I smell fried wontons. What I don’t smell is a Swordsman. Shit. That’s 3. 3 Swordsmen. He cackles psychotically (or in my mind he does) as I stare at the board in disbelief. Only one thing left to do now. I parasite R&D’s Quandry, and keyhole him, throwing away 2 ice. He draws, only 5 cards left in his deck. He installs and advances once in his remote. I can’t get in and he knows it. I have 0 points and 4 clicks to keyhole with. I’m dead. I have a Same Old Thing, a Keyhole, and nothing else. My hand has Eater and Day Job, but not much else.
Punk Rock triggers, and an Amped Up goes into the heap. I’m saved. MaxX has provided. I Same Old Thing for the Amped Up, giving me 5 clicks and trashing his last 5 cards with Keyhole. His Jacksons have all been used or discarded. I win via decking, 0-5. Ken’s disappointment is palpable, we talk and he tells me that he had built the deck specifically to combat MaxX after our last meeting. I can’t fault him for his build or his play, I was shut down for the majority of the game. His 15+ turn agenda draught is what cost him the win. I scrape by with 4 prestige and a sigh of relief.

**Round 2, Kenny K., Near Earth Hub and MaxX**

Kenny was part of a contingent which had come from Boise, another city in my state. We bond briefly over state camaraderie and a shared love of MaxX and get down to business.

Game 1: MaxX vs Near Earth Astrobiotics
I start with MaxX this time, getting Eater, Siphon, and Sure Gamble in the opening hand. Pretty ideal. Early runs reveal an Eli protecting R&D and a non-rez over HQ. Eli gets a parasite while I wait for him to build up to 9 credits before I launch the first siphon. HQ ice proves to be unmemorable and I recur siphons, keyholing him to drop 3 points into archives which I steal. He spends everything he has to protect R&D which leaves HQ open to a Wanton Destruction, throwing another 5 points into archives which I steal. 7-0.

Game 2: TWIY vs MaxX
No ice in the opening hand smells like a big fat invite for MaxX to dominate me, so I mulligan. Into no ice. On the bright side, I do get the Crisium Grid, which I install into HQ. Keyhole scares me but not quite as much as Siphon and Wanton. He runs R&D to no effect and Liberates Accounts for money. I draw up with Jackson, finding econ but only 1 wraparound, which goes over R&D. He trashes Crisium Grid and fries my wontons, trashing Hedge Fund and 4 points of Agendas, which Jackson recovers. I draw a Quandry which goes over HQ, and he Siphons. Wraparound protects R&D from his now-online Eater+Keyhole, but a retrieval run gives him a Morningstar which he installs over Keyhole, two more R&D runs get him 3 points. Swordsman is drawn but no econ. I install it in front of the Wraparound and take credits. He siphons and I rez a SanSan to dodge it, but find myself at 2 credits. He plays a Forged Activation Order on the Swordsman, trashing it. I manage to score out an Astro while he fails to pull anything from R&D, which he takes for a good moment to play Wanton Destruction, clearing my hand of its 4 points. He steals them for the game. 2-7.

Kenny and I discuss the games, but there’s not a lot to say as they were both quite decisive in runner’s favor. We compare notes on our MaxX decks, the main differences being his larger rig and higher number of econ cards to my use of Joshua B and Data Leak Reversal.

**Round 3: Elmon A., Andromeda and Blue Sun**

I played with Elmon last year at a different Store Championship in the area, great guy and a great player so I’m expecting a couple tough games.

Game 1: TWIY vs Andysucker
Sweeps Week, Quandary, Markus, makes for the ideal starting turn against Andy. He plays a typical opening turn ending with a pile of credits, desperado, and a datasucker with 1 token. I draw for pieces with Jackson and put down a Melange, 2 astro’s in hand. He runs my HQ on his 3rd click and is bounced by Quandry, switches to R&D and loses his Datasucker to Markus. I ice up centrals and make money while he starts Secutiy Testing archives and gets his Corroder out to check R&D, securing 3 points. I score a Breaking News and put Archer over archives. He loses Corroder to Archer on an attempted Security Testing.

This sets the tone for the next several turns, he mostly uses Kati Jones to build econ while installing breakers and making runs, Femme-ing a Tollbooth which he then loses to Will-o-the-Wisp (He had used it to break Errand Boy) and Breach being Will-o’d on an R&D run. The speedbumps keep my economy low, though I score out a second Breaking News. I set up a scoring remote of Chimera on the outside as Inside Job protection with Archer on the inside. I install and double advance my Hades Fragment. He throws an Inside Job, his only installed breakers being Rex and Breach, both of which he loses to Archer. I score out the Hades Fragment with my last 3 credits.
As we both work to get our econ back out of the trench he gets his breaker suite partially reinstalled. He uses Datasucker to make Tollbooth affordable for Rex, and Siphons me down to 0 followed by a Legwork to score the last 4 points from hand. 3-7.

Game 2: MaxX vs Blue Sun
Blue Sun mulligans into no money, ices both centrals. With Eater and Siphon in my opening hand, I immediately begin draining his credits. First several turns has Elmon clicking for credits more often than not. He finally draws an oversight and uses it on a Curtain Wall over archives, I bankrupt myself to break it with Eater. His HQ ice being no obstacle, I land a Wanton destruction trashing 4 cards courtesy of Joshua B. I don’t run archives yet electing to install DLR instead, getting 8 trashes off before it is trashed in turn. He starts his turn, pulling a rezzed Enigma into hand to bring him to 6 credits and he drops a Scorched Earth. Ow. I have 5 cards in hand and an I’ve Had Worse, so I have decent odds of surviving. He hits it, and I get back up to 4 cards and live to run another day. With 1 unrezzed ice over archives and 4 credits, I Same Old Thing for another siphon, bringing him to 0 and run archives, scoring 7 points to win. 7-0.

We talk afterwards, agreeing that the first game was highly scrappy and he felt lucky to access agendas as often as he had. His R&D runs might’ve been a little lucky, but given the point at which he Legwork’d into hand I think it’s reasonable to expect plenty of points waiting to be scored. With 2 rounds of Swiss left and my corp deck 1-2 at this point I’m fairly worried that I may not make the cut to 8.

**Round 4: Joshua E., MaxX and Jinteki: Replicating Perfection**

Josh is a player from my local meta and was one of the players to come down with me, so we both know eachothers’’ decks and styles reasonably well. His MaxX I know uses more rig than mine along with Cutlery, and his RP deck has recently started including MaxX hate cards for reasons I’m sure I don’t know.

Game 1: MaxX vs Replicating Perfection
I start with MaxX, my opening hand gives me Keyhole and econ but no Eater. Not ideal, but acceptable. He ices HQ and a remote into which he installs Sundew, so an open R&D gives me 2 keyhole runs and 2 Nisei Mk II’s, which I steal from archives. He ices up immediately and I go to find Eater. The first Siphon fails to a Wraparound + Lotus Field protecting HQ, I’m 1 credit short of being able to break both. I click for some credits and get a Day Job before I manage to land the second Siphon, by which time his second Sundew is online. He installs over one of them and scores out a protected Nisei MKII. With him considerably poorer now, I siphon him down to 1 credit and trash 2 cards with a shiny new DLR. He trashes it immediately but finds himself in the poor house. With him out of money, I start Keyhole-ing, killing a couple agendas which he rescues with Jackson. He credits up and I Wanton into HQ, trashing 4 cards. He has no ice or money to speak of, so next turn I run archives, seeing 3 future perfects trashed from hand. This being my first click and him having a very small pile of credits, he pays 0 and I steal the first to win. 7-2.

Game 2: TWIY vs MaxX
TWIY mulligans into Crisium Grid, Wraparound, and Quandary. Perfect. Crisium and Quandary for HQ, R&D gets the wraparound. Josh’s first 2 clicks are Eater and Account Siphon, which fails to Crisium Grid. He switches to R&D and topdecks a Project Beale but nothing else. I work on getting money and draw my swordsman which goes over R&D. He installs a Knight onto Wraparound and Knife’s R&D. Eater dies and so does Knight with Wraparound. I find my money and score out a Breaking News and begin to set up a SanSan remote. He digs for more Knights, one of which dies to Archer guarding my SanSan. I fast advance out 2 more Astro’s with SanSan, and then use both tokens + SanSan for the Hades Shard to win. 7-2.

With the swept round I feel good about my odds of making the cut now, but both rounds I feel like I got fairly lucky with my draws, game 2 in particular. He laments going after my remote and feels like he should have used his Knights to open up HQ, but given how much time he spent drawing (and Crisium preventing Siphons) he didn’t have much money, so trashing Crisium may not have been possible.

**Round 5: Reggie P., Rielle “Kit” Peddler and Jinteki: Replicating Perfection**

By now it’s getting pretty late in the day, and the wear is starting to show on people. Reggie looks tired as we shake hands and begin, I’m sure I don’t look much better. We roll dice and I get to start with my favorite Punk Rocker.

Game 1: MaxX vs Replicating Perfection
He protects HQ and gets money to begin, I Sure Gamble, install Keyhole, and start running. Ice and econ die to begin with. He ices up and clicks for cash while I Day Job and get Eater on the board. I draw Siphon with Punk Rock on the beginning of turn 4, and throw it at HQ. He rez’s a Grim and Pup, I drain him and install DLR. He starts drawing for something, presumably econ or ice, with Jackson while I parasite the lone Eli protecting R&D and start trashing cards with DLR. I trash 17 cards with DLR, with him continuing to ice up archives and scoring his first agenda (Nisei MK II) before he finally trashes it, visibly kicking himself for not trashing it sooner. because of his overdraws with Jackson + DLR, his deck is very thin by this point. With Eli dead to Parasite and most of his ice divided between archives (trashed or otherwise) and his scoring remote, I I jam the rest of his cards through a keyhole and he decks out before scoring his third agenda. 0-4.

Game 2: TWIY vs Kit
With only one piece of ice in my starting hand, I elect to make a bit of a risky play. I install the one ice (quandary) over HQ since I’m quite fairly agenda flooded, and play a Targeted Marketing naming, on what was totally a hunch and definitely not me overhearing Reggie playing next to me last round, Refractor. I figure this is likely to buy me a couple turns while I can mount my defenses, and with R&D open it’s the more tempting target anyway. Poor, ignorant, naive NyanPudge. He immediately installs refractor, giving me the money, and Legworks into HQ. Risky move, I think in my head, but one that was clearly going to pay off. He gets in and swipes 5 points in Agendas (Astro, Beale, Breaking News). It hurts. I manage to ice up my centrals in the next few turns and slow his advance thanks to trading 5 points for 10 credits. I get a SanSan down in a protected remote and score out my first Astro, and use it again to get a Breaking News a couple turns later that kills a loaded Kati Jones. He installs an Imp, a card I was surprised to see in Kit, and uses it to kill of my SanSan. The first for my major mistakes of the evening appears here. My remote has a Wraparound as the outer ice and an Archer as the inner, both unrezzed. He has his Refractor and a Lady installed. I could have rezzed the Archer, destroyed a large chunk of his rig and saved my SanSan. For some reason however, I thought that Kit’s ability would hit Archer and he’d just break it with Refractor. Not my brightest moment. A turn later he runs my HQ and steals the winning agenda from hand. I feel slightly salty at the winning agenda being a ⅙ access from HQ, but them’s the breaks and it’s my own fault for playing stupid. 4-7.

**Top 8 Round 1: Andrew H., Noise and Argus Security**

With a good Strength of Schedule and some solid catchup wins late in Swiss, I manage to go into Elimination as the 3rd Seed. And lo and behold, I’m playing against Andrew, a player from my local meta whose decks I helped build the day before. Being the higher seed I get to choose my side. It may have been better in the long run to get Corping out of the way first, but I didn’t feel like taking risks and so I chose to play MaxX against his Argus.

Andrew mulligans into 1 ice, which he installs over HQ and plays a Targeted Marketing on Eater. Cute. I have a Keyhole in my hand though, so I set to work. 3 runs kills 2 ice and 1 Posted Bounty. He installs ice over R&D. I eat the net damage going through Swordsman and kill a Scorch, steal Posted Bounty from Archives. I take the tag since I have a DLR in my hand and I’m fairly sure he can’t kill me yet anyway. I parasite the Swordsman, installing DLR on my last click. I get 6 trashes with it before he kills it in turn, and he seems to still be desperately searching for ice and money. Once Swordsman dies R&D is left unprotected and 3 Keyhole runs followed by Archives gets me the winning 6 points. 7-0.

**Top 8 Round 2: Kenny K., MaxX and Near Earth Hub**

Good ol’ Kenny again. I don’t want to face his MaxX deck and he doesn’t want to face mine, and since we both ran last round, it’s down to a cointoss. I win it. Audible sigh of relief.

MaxX vs Near Earth Hub
Kenny ices centrals and sweeps the weeks, R&D facecheck reveals Architect, that’s annoying. HQ isn’t rezzed on run, I see nothing relevant. Both of us start to gain money and build up. I get Eater down on turn 3 and Siphon, he rez’s Quandary and an unprotected SanSan dropping down to 1 credit. I’m not gonna get an access anyway, so I take the 2c and go kill the SanSan. He collects money and ices R&D, getting the Daily Business Show out and starts hunting for his tools with it. This evidently includes another SanSan, which he uses to score the first Astro. I start hammering him with Siphons whenever I can, but that’s not as often as I’d like with MaxX throwing most of my recursion into the trash. I get off a DLR that trashes 3 cards but he doesn’t let me keep it. I get off a Wanton Destruction, but I seem to have missed his Astro as he scores it out. At this point I finally go for his archives, and he lets me get 5 points using Jackson to save 1 agenda, another Jackson, and his Crisium Grid which had died to keyhole runs.
We’re tied at match point and I’m desperate, I’m most of the way through my deck for the second time and I begin to keyhole like mad, throwing agenda after agenda into archives. The last of his Jacksons are eventually removed from the game, but with Wraparound protecting Archives and my Crypsis in the trash, I can’t get in. I look at his archives, and count agendas. There’s one NAPD left in his deck, and that’s it. He draws with DBS, installs and protects a remote. He’s got an Astro token, I can’t take any chances. I run it. Grim. I could break it and he knows it, I risk it all and let Grim run, losing my Keyhole. Executive Boot Camp. Damn. Only 4 cards left in R&D now. I run R&D in desperation, letting Architect fire. He installs with it, 3 cards left in R&D. Garbage. I run the new card (he had installed it behind Grim) and find a PAD Campaign, but lose Eater. Time is called. Hoo boy. He had just drawn the NAPD, but didn’t have the time to score it. We end in a draw, and with me being the higher seed I advance and he’s knocked down. I’m not sure whether I could’ve gotten to that NAPD or not, but from Kenny’s reaction to time being called he seemed fairly sure I couldn’t.

**Top 8 Upper Bracket Final: Sam O., Whizzard and NBN:Making News**

It’s getting quite late at this point and though I’m pumping caffeine into my system, I feel my mind being bogged down. Long day with multiple exhausting games.

TWIY vs Whizzard
I’ve played runner twice and Sam has played one of each, so I’m over to Corp this round, and he plops down Whizzard. Sweeps week and double ice opens my first turn, and his first click is an account siphon. It bounces off of the Quandary, and he runs R&D. I can’t rez the archer, and he topdecks a Breaking News. I get a wraparound over R&D and start to work on my economy and scoring remote. He installs a D4v1d to get past wraparound, runs twice and gets 1 Beale. He begins to work on his rig while I score out a News. He installs a Keyhole and goes back after R&D, where I triumphantly boot him out with Archer, killing Keyhole and an empty D4v1d. He starts looking for pieces, and sensing a scoring window I install+advance+advance Hades Fragment. He hits the Quandary protecting it, draws, but it’s a puzzle without a solution. I score and tie it up at 3-3. Critical mistakes begin and for several turns I forget to use Hades Fragment and we both gear up for the mid game. He uses Joshua B for an extra click, runs archives and installs DLR, remembering nanoseconds after it hits the table that he can’t use it this turn, but he grits his teeth and credits up for the rest of the turn. With him tagged, I kill the DLR. We both begin drawing for pieces again and I Melange up. After I install SanSan, he installs Eater and Spoon’s the server. I protect it with Chimera, losing it in the process but preventing him from trashing. He Deja -Spoon’s into HQ this time, where I have a Quandary and Will-o-the-Wisp. After Quandary dies, he runs again and kills Willo. He plays Amped Up, having already used Joshua B, and Wanton’s my hand to trash 3 cards, 2 agendas and 4 points. I take my mandatory draw, and nearly shoot myself for forgetting to use Hades Fragment. I draw looking for something to protect archives with aside from the Errand Boy that’s there, but to no avail. He runs archives and steals 4 points to win. 3-7.

**Top 8 Lower Bracket Final: David C., Near Earth Hub and Kate "Mac" McCaffrey**

TWIY vs Mac
I get to play TWIY again and I’m not feeling too hot about it after my last match. He gets off to a slow start, having trouble finding his code gate breaker while I get my centrals iced up by Quandary/Lotus Field. I overdraw with Jackson to get rid of the flood, and with a protected SanSan I get my first Astro scored. He manages to trash the SanSan, but his deck is clearly not drawing well as he’s still hunting for rig pieces while I chain Astro’s up to 3 of them. He makes a last-ditch Maker’s Eye having finally gotten enough of a rig up and scores 2 Breaking News, but I had the winning Beale in hand already and score it out in an uninspiring, if textbook, win. 7-2

**Overall Final: Sam O., Whizzard and NBN:Making News**

I was really hoping the numbers would line up so that I’d get to play runner against Sam, since I wasn’t at all confident in how my Corp deck was performing against Whizzard, but the Master Gamer wouldn’t be denied. I get relegated to TWIY once more and tried to squeeze my brain for the last of what it’s worth.

TWIY vs Whizzard
I open with an agenda-less hand, lots of ice but no econ. Markus for R&D and Lotus Field for HQ. He runs my hand, I don’t rez. He runs R&D twice and gets 3 points from 2 accesses. I debate the wisdom of not rezzing, but with no cards on the table Markus is only 1 click to get through. I start on my econ and getting my scoring remote set up, he continues to make runs while slowly drawing and gets a second Breaking News for his trouble. Once Lotus Field and Markus are both rezzed, I find my Swordsman and install it over R&D. He installs Keyhole/Eater and immediately runs it, losing Eater. I begin to have some hope that I can maybe pull this one out. He clicks through Markus and trashes Jackson.
At this point he’s installed Box-E and is looking for rig pieces, I get my econ on its feet with a couple 6-credit Sweeps Weeks. With Joshua B and DLR, he gets 3 card trashes off before I stop the leak. The last Jackson is now in my heap though, I know I’m in trouble. I install Will-o into my scoring remote hoping to buy time. He immediately installs Corroder and runs, breaking Wraparound and losing Corroder to Will-o. I SanSan out an Astroscript but by now I’m down to 1 credit. He plays a Modded to install Eater on the cheap, Amped Up, and the smell of fried wontons assaults my exhausted nostrils. I lose 6 points into archives and desperately search for ice with which to protect it. The Markus that’s there isn’t going to do squat and we both know it. After drawing for my first 2 clicks, I install an Astroscript into my scoring remote in a desperate attempt to distract him. He installs D4v1d and runs it, gets in and steals Astro, but immediately turns his attention to archives and clicks through Markus to win. 2-7.

We talked about our decks after the game. Sam’s Whizzard deck made a lot of waves throughout the event, with a large number of NBN players he got his money’s worth and then some from his ability. His mix of versatile breakers and Cutlery gave him fairly consistent access while not relying exclusively on Eater the way I did. To this day I don’t know what his Corp deck was up to and I regret not being able to face it. In retrospect I’m not sure whether Blue Sun would’ve done better or not. I think it certainly would’ve fared better against Sam’s Whizzard and Kenny’s MaxX decks to name a few, but I think it did better against its shaper matchups (Kit, Mac) than Blue Sun was likely to.

MaxX however, performed nearly flawlessly. The speed with which she’s able to get set up and start attacking is unrivaled even by (in my opinion) Andromeda. The two-card rig enables incredibly quick setup and immediate pressure being put on the Corp, who quickly finds themselves broke and missing large numbers of important cards. I did go back and make a few tweaks to my MaxX deck after the tournament, mainly to accommodate Hades Shard, but all in all it performed better than I could’ve expected.

A huge thanks to all the players who showed up to the event, to Game Night Games for putting it on, to Sam for kicking my trash and to anyone who actually made it through this wall of text.

Tl;dr: MaxX kicks butt, The World is Yours gives mixed results, I need more caffeine.
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Re: Game Night Games Store Championship Report 2/21/2015

Postby king_mob » Fri Mar 06, 2015 5:09 pm

wow, that was a EPIC write up! Thanks :)

Also, welcome to the forums :)
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Re: Game Night Games Store Championship Report 2/21/2015

Postby Panda with issues... » Fri Mar 06, 2015 5:25 pm

Nice report, thanks for it. Also appreciate the Scott Pilgrim reference.

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