14th March - Bristol SC - "I should've played Maxx"

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14th March - Bristol SC - "I should've played Maxx"

Postby Nemamiah » Sun Mar 15, 2015 8:58 pm

Sets legal up to and including Order and Chaos

Bristol was my third and final planned Store Championship, so my last chance to claim a Regionals bye. The decks I chose were therefore light on fun and innovation but high in Netrunner cheese.

Corp Deck

I knew what I would take on the corp side; I've been playing NEH grail all tournament season and I strongly believe it's the best version of the archetype. It's also quick enough to eliminate time pressure as a concern.

Last train to Camelot

Near-Earth Hub: Broadcast Center (Upstalk)

Agenda (11)
3x AstroScript Pilot Program (Core Set)
2x Breaking News (Core Set)
3x NAPD Contract (Double Time)
3x Project Beale (Future Proof)

Asset (9)
2x Daily Business Show (All That Remains)
3x Jackson Howard (Opening Moves)
2x Marked Accounts (Cyber Exodus)
2x PAD Campaign (Core Set)

Upgrade (4)
1x Cyberdex Virus Suite (Order and Chaos)
3x SanSan City Grid (Core Set)

Operation (10)
2x Biotic Labor (Core Set) ••••• •••
2x Fast Track (Honor and Profit)
3x Hedge Fund (Core Set)
3x Sweeps Week (True Colors)

Barrier (6)
3x Galahad (Upstalk) •••
3x Wraparound (Fear and Loathing)

Code Gate (6)
3x Merlin (All That Remains) •••
3x Pop-up Window (Cyber Exodus)

Sentry (3)
3x Lancelot (First Contact) •••
17 influence spent (max 17)
20 agenda points (between 20 and 21)
49 cards (min 45)
Cards up to Order and Chaos

Deck built on NetrunnerDB.

Runner Deck

This decision was a bit more tricky. I was expecting a lot of NEH in Bristol, so I wanted something quick on the runner side. I'd considered a version of Cacheshop Kate, but had run out of time on Friday night and left it as a half built carcass on my living room floor. I also had a Maxx deck that I like a lot and has a really good NEH game, but it's a bit tricky to play well and a combination of my children, cat fights and car alarms had left me severely sleep deprived on Saturday morning. In the end I bailed out and played my favourite deck, a Noise which I figured was a bit slow for the meta but at least I knew inside out and was comfortable with.

Keep it down

Noise: Hacker Extraordinaire (Core Set)

Event (13)
3x Déjà Vu (Core Set)
3x I've Had Worse (Order and Chaos)
3x Inject (Up and Over)
1x Spooned (Order and Chaos)
3x Sure Gamble (Core Set)

Hardware (6)
3x Clone Chip (Creation and Control) ••••• •
2x Grimoire (Core Set)
1x Plascrete Carapace (What Lies Ahead)

Resource (7)
2x Aesop's Pawnshop (Core Set) ••••
3x Daily Casts (Creation and Control)
1x Hades Shard (First Contact)
1x Kati Jones (Humanity's Shadow)

Icebreaker (2)
2x Crypsis (Core Set)

Program (17)
3x Cache (The Spaces Between) •••
2x D4v1d (The Spaces Between)
3x Datasucker (Core Set)
1x Gorman Drip v1 (Opening Moves)
3x Imp (What Lies Ahead)
2x Medium (Core Set)
3x Parasite (Core Set)
15 influence spent (max 15)
45 cards (min 45)
Cards up to Order and Chaos

Deck built on NetrunnerDB.

The Journey

After dumping the wife and kids at the relatives and accepting a lift in to the city centre from an obliging in law, I went in search of something to help wake me up (either coffee or a quiet place for a nap being my preferred options). I bumped in to MartinP and Cerberus outside of McDonalds, and followed them in to Poundland as they went to stock up on supplies. I've been trying to work out the secret to Dave's powers for a while, so paid careful attention to his purchases; two bottles of Pepsi Max and a box of cereal bars. Shrugging, I picked up two bottles of regular Pepsi and a box of different cereal bars (buying exactly the same would have been creepy) and headed off to Excelsior.

I settled down in the already bustling room, looked around and saw a myriad of people shuffling up NEH decks. "Bugger", I thought to myself, "I should've played Maxx".

Andy announced that we had 31 players, and he’d step in to ensure that poor old Mr Bye didn’t spend another weekend getting pummelled by all and sundry. The format was five rounds of swiss and a cut to top 4; some quick mental arithmetic suggested that you’d need a daunting 16 points to be certain of making the cut.

Game 1 – Josh (The Foundry and Whizzard)

I’ve never played against Josh before, but I know him as a good player with a penchant for unusual decks. He’s also filming the game, which always makes me paranoid about either making a massive blooper or obliviously cheating (the last game that I’d had filmed I’d spent about six turns blissfully using an extra MU before realising I didn’t actually have a console in play).

He corps first and lays down The Foundry, which is usually a great match-up for Noise. As we were shuffling up I had a brief panic; I’d pulled one of the Aesop’s out of my deck on Friday to start building the Cacheshop Kate deck, and I couldn’t remember putting it back in. A quick check showed that they were in fact both in there, so thanks to the asleep version of me or whichever handy house elf repaired my deck.
I drew a really awkward hand with a couple of Clone Chips and a Parasite but no money, which I decide to mulligan after Josh announces that he’ll switch his hand. Had he kept his hand I’d have been more tempted to stick with mine as well and play a longer game, but the cards I had wouldn’t let me exploit a poor start if he drew badly again. Josh evidently did have a bad start, because he drew click one which suggests a hand of no more than one ice. He recovered enough to ice both HQ and R&D, and rezzed a Next Bronze and Silver when I checked his centrals. I Parasite the Next Silver away and hit R&D, stealing a precious Domesic Sleepers. He re-iced R&D and this time I hit a Galahad, trashing my Datasucker and knocking a second Parasite out of my hand, much to his delight.

(The top two answers in the 'Name an Ice that's vulnerable to Parasite?' Round of Family Fortunes)

The plus side of hitting a Grail ice is that it instantly accounts for nine of your opponent’s influence. I’d usually assume that the other six is spent two copies of SanSan City Grid, but that seems too pedestrian for Josh and I suspect that he’s playing some sort of Twins shenanigans instead. I remind myself to be wary of upgrades behind ice, and prompt a grumpy face from Josh as I play the third Parasite out of hand and kill the Galahad. Over the next few turns I keep recurring and playing the Parasites, dealing with the Next Bronze on HQ and the second Galahad that crops up on R&D. Josh is forced to keep pulling ice out of his deck with the Foundry to keep some on the board, and as a result my Noise mills keep hitting all his economy. Aesop is sulking near the bottom of the deck after finding out that I’d almost forgotten him, but my new squeeze Kati Jones keeps my economy ticking over in his absence. In the end I’m able to win from sustained pressure on central servers, steering clear of remotes in fear of dying a Merlin related death.

I don’t really remember too much about my Corp game, because my Pepsi fuelled energy injection hadn’t kicked in yet. Josh didn’t seem to draw a particularly good hand, but used Whizzard to good effect to clear out all the remotes I installed. I was happy to let him do this, because it was costing him a couple of credits a pop and let me gradually draw through my deck until I found The Good Stuff. Josh saw a Grail piece on top of R&D, which spooked him in to slowing down a bit, and played a Joshua B, suggesting that he had Account Siphon and Data Leak Reversal lurking in his deck somewhere. I’d fortified R&D while leaving HQ guarded by a solitary Pop-Up Window as a bluff (I’d been hiding an agenda or two in there throughout the game) so a Siphon Spam could have caused me problems. Happily though (for me, not Josh) they never showed up, and I was able to score out.
2-0 – 4 prestige

Game 2 – Will (Edward Kim and Titan Transnational)

Will is a fellow Exeter local, which always presents an interesting challenge. You almost certainly know each other’s decks and playstyles very well, and are used to playing in a relaxed and friendly environment rather than a tournament setting, so it can be tricky to adjust.

Will starts off by running with Kim, a deck that I know is aggressive and is full of search, Parasite recursion and multi access. He knows I’m playing Grail, so I’m not going to get any cheap shots in. Will starts well, murdering the Pop-Up Window guarding R&D (he really hates Pop-Up Windows and will trash them on sight whenever possible), and stealing four points. I fast advance an Astro out, clearing my HQ out of agendas a turn or so before Will repeatedly hits it with a legwork and a few single accesses. Kim contents himself by pounding a Hedge Fund in to a million tiny pieces with his hammer.

(Earth's most irritating Ice)

I score a few more points, and the focus shifts to R&D as Will has realised I don’t have anything in hand. I’ve rezzed a Merlin, which Will has used as an I’ve Had Worse enabler, but that presents an opportunity for me. He’s got a Clone Chip and a Datasucker in play and a Parasite in the heap, which I assume he’ll use to hit R&D the following turn. I’ve hidden a Cyberdex Suite in my gamut of face-down remotes and drawn the other two copies of Merlin, so when he attempts to run R&D I purge his Datasucker tokens leaving him unable to deal with the Merlin, and the resulting net damage flatlines him.

We move on to the Corp game, with Will playing his Titan deck featuring Atlas trains and space ice. I have a slightly sub-par hand containing a Cache and Imp but not much else, but I choose to keep it when Will mulligans his hand. Space Ice is particularly weak early, and the Imp should let me get some early pressure unless Will chooses to put some cheap ice on R&D.

That’s exactly how it works out, with Will unable to rez the ice he installed over R&D. I run once, then mill the Beanstalk Royalties that I’ve just seen by installing Imp, run again to steal a Geothermal Fracking, then run a fourth time and Imp the Ice Wall that I find. Next turn I run again, stealing a Project Atlas before Will is finally able to advance and rez an Asteroid Belt to keep me out from turn 3. He’s also scored a Hostile Takeover, suggesting that he’s got a fair few agendas in hand and needs the cash to rez some of his ice. That theory is backed up by when he rezzes the Caduceus that he chose to install over HQ rather than R&D on turn 1.

I start looking for a way in to HQ, and in the meantime Will scores a NAPD, though he’s forced to do it over two turns and use a SanSan City Grid because of the bad publicity. I can’t get in to the remote, so he pushes through a Geothermal Fracking and uses Mark Yale to boost his money reserves. I’ve now found a Parasite to kill the Caduceus, and use a fresh Imp to run several times and see his whole hand, stealing another two points along the way. Will desperately draws up looking for ice but can’t find any, and I run HQ four more times next turn, trashing assets and Imping another card until I finally find the winning Atlas on click 4. I was lucky to get away with this really; in my glee at all the free accesses I’d been getting I’d forgotten the rezzed SanSan, and Will would have won next turn if I’d missed the Atlas. A more measured play would have been to run archives to check the dozen or so cards that I’d milled.

Still, I was finally beginning to wake up and I felt like I was gaining some momentum. Cue an hour and fifteen minute lunch break…
4-0 – 8 prestige

Game 3 – Martin (Maxx and Blue Sun)

Martin has written an excellent tournament report about his exploits the previous weekend, so I knew roughly what he was playing. He ran first, and I mulliganed in to a hand heavy on agendas. I had just enough ice and assets to present a normal opening and keep him out of HQ, but was in a perilous position. Martin ran R&D and saw a Jackson, but chose not to trash him as I had nothing in the discard pile. That was the lifeline I needed, and I used Jackson to draw my way out of trouble. I found still more agendas, leaving me with all three NAPD Contracts, two Beales and a Breaking News that I dumped in archives, but crucially I also found a second Jackson. Martin ran archives and I popped both Jacksons to shuffle the six agendas back in. Next turn my Daily Business Show gave me a choice of either of two copies of NAPD. I installed a remote to draw a card, and found the third NAPD. Thanks deck; maybe I need to shuffle more thoroughly.

I’ve stabilised by now, and have sneaked a Beale out of a facedown remote while landing a couple of Grail shots when Martin runs on centrals. The crucial moment comes when Martin checks an unrezzed remote and finds a SanSan while he’s on six credits; he chooses not to trash it and I use it to score an Astro next turn. After that I’m already holding the agendas in a secure enough HQ to score out.

We switch sides, and Martin starts to roll out his Blue Sun deck. He doesn’t seem to have the best of starts, and I get a few cheap accesses in HQ and R&D. I steal a pair of Hostile Takeovers, which is a huge boon as it stops him using them to rez his Archers, which I know he plays at least two of. Martin manages to rez a Wormhole to stop to stop me getting in to HQ, and he’s also secured a scoring remote with an Oversight AI on a Tollbooth. He scores five points from this remote, but while he’s doing that I spot a gap when the Tollbooth has been temporarily bounced to hand. I Parasite the only other rezzed ice on the board, leaving me free access to HQ through the now neutered Wormhole. I score another three points before he’s able to shut me out again, so we’re now both on game point.

(Loneliest Ice in the world)

I’ve been clicking Kati Jones steadily for the past six turns and holding on to a Crypsis in hand, ready to break in to Martin’s remote if he tries to make a play for the last agenda. Noise is great in this situation because the steady drip of viruses means that the Corp has to blink first, and Martin duly installs a card in the remote. I clear Kati, install and load up Crypsis and run the remote for the winning Atlas.
6-0 – 12 prestige

Game 4 – Sam (Edward Kim and Near Earth Hub)

I haven’t met Sam before; it’s always nice to play new against new people but the down side is that you don’t have any prior information about play style or deck preferences.

I start off by playing Corp, and Sam looks to be playing a very similar Kim build to the one Will was using in round 2. I manage to keep most of my Grail ice hidden this game, using vanilla ice to slow Sam down while scoring an early Beale from a naked remote. Sam hits a Merlin over R&D, but installs a strength four Atman via a Self-Modifying Code to deal with it. I score another agenda and Sam is now under pressure to find some points, so he runs R&D and hits a Lancelot that he can’t afford to break. I trash the Atman, and Sam decides to carry on to encounter the Parasited Merlin sitting behind it in the belief that he had enough Datasucker tokens to trash it. Unfortunately I’ve installed the Cyberdex Suite in a remote, and purge viruses for my second flatline of the day.

Sam then lays down his Near Earth Hub, and I get a decent start of several viruses and a bit of money. I pay to steal an early NAPD from R&D, but I haven’t found an Imp and am now a bit low on money so choose not to check a face down remote. It turns out to be a SanSan, which Sam promptly uses to score an Astro. This was a bad move on my part, which would come back to haunt me later. I play a few more viruses and run archives to grab Datasucker tokens, seeing no agendas but finding a Sea Source. This means that Sam is playing a Scorched variant, and I’ve already used at least one copy of I’ve Had Worse for draw and don’t have any in hand. This makes my SanSan gaffe more costly, as that’s typically the only way that this version can score from hand and so it’s more crucial to keep remotes in check.
I tried to sit back and draw through my deck a bit to find some protection, turning off the threat of SEA Source, but Sam had installed a card behind a remote that I knew I couldn’t break. It turned out to be a Breaking News which he advanced once and used his Astro token on, and Noise promptly disappeared when his drive home went catastrophically wrong.

(Worst commute ever!)

7-1 – 14 prestige

Game 5 – Tim (Maxx and Near Earth Hub)

Tim’s jovial exterior hides an annoyingly good Netrunner player, and I know that I need to win at least one of the two games to definitely make the cut. I play Corp first, and mulligan a poor hand in to an even worse one containing seven agenda points and no ice. I install three remotes on my turn, with the two cards I’ve drawn adding another agenda and an asset to my hand. Tim sensibly runs each remote in turn, stealing the Astro that I’d tried to hide amongst the assets and then plucking a Beale from my hand on click four. On turn two I draw a pair of Pop-Up Windows, which shores up my money position while discouraging him from running HQ too much. Tim elects to play a Medium and starts to pressure R&D, which is fine by me because most of the agendas are still having a party in my hand. My deck finally starts to deliver some ice, and I secure R&D while also managing to Biotic out an Astro.

Tim then realises that he’s either milled or already played every way that he has to use Levy (this sort of thing is why sleepy me didn’t want to play MaxX) which means that his economy is suddenly reduced to clicking for credits. By this time I have four ice on R&D and have purged his Medium, so I’m able to score the remaining agendas as they come up in relative safety.

(Rule one: Do not mill without recursion)

Out of a combination of relief and exhaustion, I precede to play the next game like a bit of a lemon. I can’t find an Imp in either of my two hands (against NEH I’ll often mulligan if I don’t have one in my first hand), and have to pay to trash a Jackson from R&D on turn 1. That leaves me cash poor, and I make a bad decision to leave a Daily Business Show ticking over for about five turns. That, combined with a couple of painful face-checks in to Grail ice, gives Tim enough time to find and score his agendas without me being able to exert any particular pressure on him.
8-2 – 16 prestige

I know I’m in the cut, with Dave Hoyland (predictably) sitting on 9-1 and Tim, Brendan and myself all on 8-2. Despite the strong competition I feel like I’ve got a good shot, because I’ve got a 50/50 match-up or better against four of the six opposing decks that are left (which is more like 95% against Dave’s Cerebral Imaging; he wasn’t particularly impressed to find two Noise players in the cut). I whisper a hearfelt apology to Noise for my earlier flirtations with MaxX.

Andy reads out the results and hands out prizes, and I find out that my strength of schedule has put me second, which is a pleasant surprise and a very handy advantage in the cut. Big thanks to my opponents in swiss for giving me a leg up. I also found out that all the other guys already had a Regionals bye, which means that I would get it by default (the two sweetest words in the English language, as Tim reminded me). A healthy smattering of people hung around to watch the cut, which is always nice.

Round 1 – Tim (Maxx)
I happily choose to play Corp, knowing that it’s my better match-up and would also mean that I get to run against Dave if we meet in the next round (as there’s no way that he will voluntarily play his Cerebral Imaging against Brendan’s Noise.) I gladly keep a hand containing a couple of Grail ice and a Hedge Fund. We’ve only just begun when a tsunami of laughter and applause erupt from the next table over, where Dave has “accidentally” stolen a Government Takeover on turn 2 and been duly punished by angry capitalists.


This game went infinitely smoother than last time, as Tim tries to be aggressive with Medium runs on R&D but twice gets bounced by a Merlin backed Galahad. As is her wont MaxX threw a number of key cards in to the heap when Tim really needed to draw them, and he kept hitting the wrong Grail ice at the wrong time, so I was able to score out without being under any real pressure. This was harsh on Tim, who was on the end of the best performance that my deck managed all day while his fell a little bit flat.

Round 2 – Brendan (Noise)

Brendan and I both played Corp in round 1, so Andy flips a coin to decide sides and Brendan ends up running. I’m not too fussed by this, as I’d be happy playing either side.

I had a decent hand with an Astro, a Biotic and a Wraparound, which I kept. Brendan promptly played a Cache and an Imp on turn 1 (bad), which milled a Biotic and an Astro (worse). He checked archives and stole these with a very fair sense of satisfaction. I elect to Biotic out the Astro in my hand on turn 2, which turns out to be a good decision as a D4V1D hits the table next turn allowing Brendan to romp around my HQ. Things then become a bit hairy, as Brendan finds another two points and mills some more, while Jackson Howard seems to be locked in an executive board meeting with his two brothers somewhere in the bowels of my R&D department.

(Agenda item 1: How do we stop Noise stealing all our stuff?)

Brendan plays a second Imp, but immediately checks the face down remote where I’d installed a Cyberdex Virus Suite, wiping it. I decide that the window that’s created and the board position warrants me trying to aggressively score out rather than icing up, and Fast Track an Astro out through a San San. Brendan gets slowed down a bit more when some net damage from Merlin pings his Aesop from hand, which he chooses to Déjà vu back in to play to get some economy going. I reach six points by playing a Beale from hand and have an NAPD and a Breaking News waiting in HQ. A second D4V1D lets Brendan back in to HQ which is still guarded by the solitary Wraparound, but he chooses to play a free Utopia Shard rather than accessing and plays a Medium on click four.

At this point I transform in to an obnoxious oik and say that I’ll score the Breaking News without really giving Brendan a window to use his Utopia Shard. I offer to wind it back, but Brendan says he would have used it after I installed in to a remote which still allowed me to score out, thus proving himself to be a far classier sort than I.

(Don't forget I exist...)

Tim then knocked out Dave in a proper nailbiter, and I stepped back to clear my head for the final. I didn’t get long to do this, as Tim went one up on Dave and foolishly top-decked Government Takeover from Brendan’s R&D on the first turn and quickly succumbed to vengeful Weyland goons.

Round 3 – Brendan (Blue Sun)

I’m fairly confident about this game; Noise might be the most difficult match-up for Brendan’s kind of deck as long as I don’t get carried away.

I get a hand with the perfect pairing of an Inject and a Déjà vu, which I keep. Brendan also quickly announces that he’ll stick with a pleased expression on his face, which is always depressing to see from an opponent. He starts by icing up centrals, but doesn’t see a lot of economy early. I play a few viruses, but don’t really start running until I find an Imp (whose primary mission in this match-up is to blow up the Government Takeover if I stumble across it at an inopportune moment). Brendan Oversight AI’s a Curtain Wall, so I grudgingly Clone Chip a D4V1D that the second Inject has just dropped in to my heap to trash it and keep him poor. I do get a free Hades Shard on the table for my trouble.

I start to make a few probing runs and hit the same Datapike twice, but steal a copy of High Risk Investment while I’m at it. By this time I’ve amassed all three copies of I’ve Had Worse, which are clogging my hand up but provide a handy security blanket for me to hug while Brendan subjects me to his steely eyed mind games. Brendan then starts dropping an intimidating stream of economy cards and is all of a sudden sitting on about 40 credits, so I become a bit more careful. I try to make runs to encourage him to rez and then bounce his ice, which keeps them safe from Parasites but does cost him precious clicks. He installs and double advances an agenda in a two ice server that I judge that I’m too poor to get in to, so rather than bother trying I cycle a few viruses and pop the Hades Shard while he doesn’t have a chance to pre-emptively Jackson anything back in.

At this point Brendan teases me by saying that he thinks I’ve won, before flipping archives and discovering that there’s actually only three points in there. He scores out The Cleaners from his server, but I still should be safe from meat damage given all the protection in hand. Brendan then starts aggressively drawing to find more agendas to score, conscious that he didn’t have a huge amount of deck left. He installs and double advances again, and when I attempt to get in to the server plants a hard-rezzed Curtain Wall in my face. With no way for me to get in he scores a second copy of The Cleaners, which suddenly means that I can’t afford to run unless I win on the same turn or fancy taking six meat damage.

(Uh oh)

The plus side is that Brendan’s deck is now down to seven cards, so I focus on trying to mill him out with a back-up plan of running archives if things get too desperate. Brendan drew to find his last scorable agenda, which he installs and double advancs in his now impregnable remote. That only left him with one card in his deck and no possible Jackson on the board though, and I had one virus left in my hand to deck him the turn before he could score out and win.

It would be trite to say that I had a great time (what sort of masochist wins a tournament and doesn’t enjoy it?), but I’ll say it nevertheless. Everything ran very smoothly, much to the credit of Andy, who was playing in the tournament as well as running it to make sure the numbers balanced. Excelsior is a great venue, and they also donated store credit to bump up the prize pot. I encourage anyone in the South West to check one of their monthly tournaments out. All my opponents were stand-up chaps who were a pleasure to play against, and I thank you for tolerating my particular brand of smug pessimism.
I was pleased with my decks, though as I suspected Noise had proven a touch slower than ideal, dropping both games that I played against Near Earth Hub. I’d put in a singleton copy of Spooned to deal with pesky Lotus fields, but never ended up playing it all day and would have preferred a Stimhack or something else in the same slot. After the final Brendan and I had a brief discussion on the merits of two Aesop’s and three Clone Chips or vice versa; I waver on this point on a daily basis and I’m still not sure which I prefer.

My Corp deck went 7-0 on the day, with all seven game against Anarchs. The only card I’m not totally sold on in this list is the second Fast Track, which might be better as a Tollbooth, Closed Accounts or third Daily Business Show. Cyberdex is an incredibly strong card that offers a lot of interesting lines of play, and I don’t think people have really caught on to all of them yet. I only had one game where I felt like the deck carried me through on a tide of cheese, which was against Brendan’s expertly played Noise in the cut where he got unlucky with his accesses and had me in all sorts of bother. To all you NEH haters; whatever!

Thanks to anyone who has read this far, and I hope to see many of you at Regionals or Nationals!
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Re: 14th March - Bristol SC - "I should've played Maxx"

Postby Nemamiah » Tue Mar 17, 2015 8:51 pm

Finally updated; read at your own risk...
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Re: 14th March - Bristol SC - "I should've played Maxx"

Postby MartinP » Tue Mar 17, 2015 10:10 pm

Martin has written an excellent tournament report about his exploits the previous weekend, so I knew roughly what he was playing.

Damn, people read that? :roll: :lol:

I Parasite the only other rezzed ice on the board, leaving me free access to HQ through the now neutered Wormhole. I score another three points before he’s able to shut me out again, so we’re now both on game point.

This was a massive lesson in the use of space ice...

Really enjoyable read Chris, and well done on taking the win, very well deserved! I look forward to a rematch/revenge at Regionals!
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Re: 14th March - Bristol SC - "I should've played Maxx"

Postby Sixtyten » Tue Mar 17, 2015 10:31 pm

Thank you for your kind words and congratulations again!
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Re: 14th March - Bristol SC - "I should've played Maxx"

Postby Panda with issues... » Wed Mar 18, 2015 12:59 am

Great report. Always good to see SOMEONE stop Brendan's stomp through a tournament...
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Re: 14th March - Bristol SC - "I should've played Maxx"

Postby Nemamiah » Wed Mar 18, 2015 6:32 pm

MartinP wrote:
Martin has written an excellent tournament report about his exploits the previous weekend, so I knew roughly what he was playing.

Damn, people read that? :roll: :lol:

Sure, it's like a legal form of scouting.
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Re: 14th March - Bristol SC - "I should've played Maxx"

Postby Mezzamine » Wed Mar 18, 2015 7:16 pm

Great writeup man! Really enjoyed watching the finale - not often you get to see an honest-to-god mill win, but I guess that's what happens when Noise goes up against a 6-agenda deck!

Like you said, The Foundry is just awful against Parasite recursion. I probably should have tried to capitalize on that runner fear and try to more aggressively overscore Vitruvius. On the other hand I remember being constantly terrified of Hades Shard the entire game, so maybe I was a little too paranoid. You were right to be wary of Twins shenanigans - it's a fun interaction, but probably too inconsistent in the long run. Might go back to experimenting with Blue Sun for a bit. Still shenanigans though.

The biggest problem in the Whizzard game was that you saw all your Hedges and Sweeps Weeks early on, the only economy I couldn't trash. I think I had the Siphons in hand, but didn't want to run and lose them to a Merlin. I definitely share Will's hatred for Pop-Up windows even more now. Why the heck don't these people use Adblock?

If only we could get a little Edward Kim - Whizzard collaboration going...
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Re: 14th March - Bristol SC - "I should've played Maxx"

Postby Nemamiah » Wed Mar 18, 2015 8:22 pm

Mezzamine wrote:
Like you said, The Foundry is just awful against Parasite recursion. I probably should have tried to capitalize on that runner fear and try to more aggressively overscore Vitruvius.

Yeah, the first over scored Vitruvius was already giving me pause. It's such a tilted match up though that you were always up against it.
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