Quinns Inter-City Friendly 2015

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Quinns Inter-City Friendly 2015

Postby evilgaz » Thu Jun 18, 2015 5:57 pm

It seems highly mathematically improbable Nottingham came where they did in the final standings having won more games than they lost (the team in general, I was the weak link), but other than that we had an awesome day out - great work by Quinns and Co in organising and putting it on, and amazing turn out from the UK Netrunner community.

Good times! Let's do this more often!

Click for moar bloggage innit?
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Re: Quinns Inter-City Friendly 2015

Postby Brendan » Thu Jun 18, 2015 6:44 pm

"I left an “Easter Egg” behind one of Brendan’s IDs which seemed hilarious at the time, but now (when more sober) seems childish and pointless, but maybe he’ll find my note one day and find it vaguely amusing (more likely just baffling)."

I went and looked, and found this. Very funny! On the reverse are the words 'adult single'. Adult my arse...

Nice write up!

"A massive cheer went up as Brendan used a Turntable to steal Baldy Tim’s Astrobiotics with a token on. I’ve no idea if he went on to win the match, but that manoeuvre alone caused rival teams to hug each other and wipe tears of joy from their faces in raptured delight. It was a real moment."

I went on to turntable another Astroscript, with a token. And then I did win. ;)

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