040715 Wayland's Single Core 1/10 - BANG BANG

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040715 Wayland's Single Core 1/10 - BANG BANG

Postby Stephen » Mon Jul 06, 2015 11:07 pm

Pardon me while I post a little tournament report as I've only gone and finally bloody won one.

I’d had a little bit of practice with some single core set decks ahead of this, with Neil C schooling me in the ways of HB (making all the money and triple biotic-ing a Pri Req like a dick) and Brian and I sneaking some games in at the prep room at school when we really should have been doing some work (including his Weyland vs my Gabe in an epic economic battle featuring long periods of not running, the biggest tower of horrible ice ever seen and a truly jammy access to secure the win). I’d changed my decks a couple of days before the tournie and managed a game with each against Brian in the bits of downtime during a staff training day. We split the games (runner wins, I think?) and then I went out to acquire a hangover ahead of the tournament on the Saturday, not exactly 100% confident in my ability to pilot what I was taking.

So, these are the decks I took and by Wotan it seems that they are indeed, hot shit. Only one minor change and that was to drop the Research Station for a Beanstalk. As the chap says, with Account Siphon (and Déjà Vu) Noise becomes a threat EVERYWHERE.

I arrived at Wayland’s, saw we were a little thinner on the ground than usual (understandable in the post-nationals/summer holiday season) and got just a tiny little bit excited that I was in with a chance. I’ve been attending tournaments for about a year now, and my best performance was last Winter at Wayland’s when at least three (possibly four) of us finished joint top on prestige with final placings decided on SoS which bumped me down to third. So close and yet so far from winning the most coveted of tat prizes; a big mousemat. I then followed that up with some fairly appalling shows in store champs around the Midlands feeling my form had left me completely. I really wanted to legitimately win a big mousemat still though and today seemed like that wasn’t an absolute impossibility.

On to the games…

Match 1 – Alex Rogers

Alex and I played (and split) at the Birmingham store champs. I remember his RP deck making literally all of the money in the game when he managed to get all of his Sundews and MHCs out by turn 3 or 4. I’ve never been so horrendously outpaced economy wise. So, provided that didn’t happen again, I would be relatively content here.

My Noise vs his HB with SanSan – Don’t remember too much of this but we were each picking up agendas in the early game, though Alex was starting to hoard funds a little. No great surprise when he rezzes a SanSan to score something (a PSF, maybe?), though this has the (un)fortunate effect of basically bankrupting him. Little did he know I had a Medium in hand which I dropped first click only to then run in and hammer R&D (he can’t afford to rez the ice) finding what I needed to win.

My HB vs his Gabe (the first of many) – In a moment of madness I choose to fire an ABT early in this game (because YOLO) and then dump two biotics and an agenda into archives. Alex ends up floating tags from something (following a siphon, maybe?). I score a PSF (with a biotic labor, having installed previous turn) yet he allows the tags to stay. I think he might have had four tags anyway so clearing them wasn’t going to be cheap/easy. He has three cards in hand when my turn begins so I use all three clicks to empty his hand. Next turn, he takes 2 from Armitage (presumably to help enable some detagging next turn), then draws three cards again. I then biotic into a quadruple PSF BANG BANG BANG BANG.

2-0, 4 prestige – Guilt level at winning both games, 4/10.

Match 2 – Chris Dove

My Noise vs his HB – I don’t remember this one terribly well but I’m sure there was some horrendous siphon spam from me after he left HQ open turn one. Think his second turn he had enough money to rez a Melange and use it to get his funds back, but I then Déjà vu the siphon back in a proper dick move and drain him once more and then trash the Melange, maybe. Not sure what happened next but it didn’t last long. Sorry, Chris.

HB vs Gabe no 2 – Sneakdoor finds one of two agendas in my hand early on and forces me to drop a tollbooth in front of archives, which I follow with what I correctly assume is a fairly safe play by overdrawing to dump one of the agendas I have in hand (having drawn another up) into archives. I think I biotic an ABT out and then descends the LONGEST period of no-agendas I’ve experienced in a long time. HQ and archives are now protected by tollbooths (among other things) so R&D is his only real option (especially if he wants to pick up datasucker tokens, as he does), though the Hunter in front of it means he can’t run as often as he might like. Not that he’s seeing anything he can do anything with anyway. I pull the PSF back with archived memories, manage to score that, then continue digging, eventually finding a Pri Req. I also have a Corporate Troubleshooter in hand, as well as a Snare!. In order to set up a relatively scoring window I’m wracking my brains for how to get both the prior req and the corporate troubleshooter into my scoring server without telegraphing what I’m doing. I try to bankrupt him by dropping the Snare! into the server and forcing a run but he doesn’t take the bait. Next turn I drop CT in with the Snare! and assume I’ll be safe to swap the Pri Req in next turn to score it. I think (think) that Chris siphoned me next turn, opting to float the tags, or maybe just kept the hunter tag from a R&D run. Then he ran on the scoring remote. I didn’t rez anything, he opted to see the CT first, at which point I can only assume he thought ‘oh fuck’, and then took a Snare! in the face. With few cards and fewer clicks left, PSF stepped in to gun him down.

4-0, 8 prestige – Guilt level at winning both games again, 7/10.

Match 3 – Dan B

Noise vs NBN Scorch – I got so locked out in this game, but thankfully it seems I took it as an opportunity to flush my system of all the bad decision making I’d obviously not been doing in my previous games. He gets off to what ends up being an unstoppable start by getting a melange out behind a Tollbooth turn one. I poke R&D to see a SEA Source, and then in my first 15 cards or so don’t see any economy. My feeble attempts to drain him of credits by forcing ice rezzing are dwarfed by his Scrooge McDuck sized reserves and by the time I find a siphon (of questionable use at this point but anyway) he’s put a Data Raven in front of HQ. He scores out, I reflect on some very silly decisions I made about the order in which I played some cards and when I chose to play viruses. Time to have a word with myself ahead of game two…

HB vs Kate. JOKES, it’s another Gabe – I manage to kill his Gordian early on with a Rototurret, but soon after that he’s siphoning like it’s going out of fashion (through my Rototurret and a Femme’d Tollbooth) and I’m mourning my descent down the standings in my head. However, I manage to hold onto four credits, which is all I need to fire the Snare! he hits in R&D with only two cards in hand. HB ends the fun, again. Not sure I deserved to win this one, Dan was clearly in control of the board for the vast majority of our two games. I am in emotional turmoil as I simultaneously enjoy the rapture of another victory with the taint of feeling I didn’t deserve it.

5-1, 10 prestige – Guilt level at winning when I probably shouldn’t have, 6/10, which drops to about 2/10 when I realise I’m now in with a very good chance of winning this. I think that provided I don’t just sit there and go to the toilet with my trousers on for the next match then I will do, though I don’t interrogate the standings too much to confirm this, lest I collapse under the pressure.

Match 4 – Neil G

Neil and I have played twice in tournaments before. First time was a split, second time he took both, though I’m still smarting over losing that corp game to a Future Perfect psi game so I am slightly out for blood here… :)

Noise vs… HB! – Neil mulligans and whatever he had before, his deck is clearly angry at him for something as it’s shitting out agendas and gives him another bobbins hand and this is over very quickly. I don’t actually know what his build was like as I saw so little of it. I get one agenda from R&D, one that he tries to score naked which I feel happy enough to gamble a run on, and then I follow-up with a quick check of archives for the win. I’m not sure if he had two or three pieces of ice out at the end of the game but that was all he’d seen he tells me afterwards.

HB vs bloody Gabe, again – I’m trying not to get too excited going into this game as I think I can now win it (or possibly even had already) and I know Neil is a strong player so am prepared not to find this easy. Much like the game against Chris though, my deck is very charitable about when it chooses to offer up agendas. I think he Sneakdoors one from my hand early doors (a Pri Req I think), then I score something, somehow. Eventually I install a PSF behind a pair of Heimdalls, he doesn’t run and I biotic it out next turn (I think) and I think I get an ABT too. I’m on six points and nervous about whether I’ll manage to find a scoring window as Neil has by this point trashed all of my economy. Neil has decided to keep hitting HQ via the Sneakdoor, only having to pay through a Wall of Static, though as I’m holding a hand of nothing but ice and operations (including two Archived Memories) for a couple of turns, I’m quite happy with this. I think I pull back a Hedge Fund to enliven my finances once more, then next turn pull back a Biotic, having finally found the last ABT in R&D. I know he’s coming back into HQ next turn, but cross my fingers I can hide the ABT in a hand of five cards for a turn. I’m lucky enough to do so, scoring it out with the aid of some robot helpers next turn.

7-1, 14 prestige – Guilt level at winning both games again seriously mitigated, nay ECLIPSED, by the fact that I have now emerged victorious. The big mousemat is mine. Will have to buy a big mouse now.

Cheers to everyone who came down, including the new guys Richard and Dan H (stick with it Dan, it’s so worth it) and Chris, Neil and Steve for the post-tournament non-Netrunner games. Steve obviously gets special thanks for organising the thing again and for keeping the Jinteki faith, however good an idea that may or may not have been.

Until next time!
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Re: 040715 Wayland's Single Core 1/10 - BANG BANG

Postby Panda with issues... » Mon Jul 06, 2015 11:37 pm

Nice job mate, well deserved!
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Re: 040715 Wayland's Single Core 1/10 - BANG BANG

Postby sxk634 » Tue Jul 28, 2015 10:03 am

Thanks for the write-up Stephen. Glad you got the win at last!

You been to pick it up yet? Sorry the GNK was not in at the time of the tournament, but it is now in, so your prizes are waiting for you.

Always a pleasure to run these events.
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Re: 040715 Wayland's Single Core 1/10 - BANG BANG

Postby Stephen » Fri Jul 31, 2015 2:45 pm

Yes Steve, picked it up last week cheers.

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