[Portsmouth] Netrunner Exclusive Group? - Appreciate Thoughts

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[Portsmouth] Netrunner Exclusive Group? - Appreciate Thoughts

Postby Hilldan » Thu Jul 16, 2015 10:06 am

It has been asked once or twice if we play any other games when we meet up, in particular; is anyone in the group going to be picking up the 2nd edition of A Game of Thrones LCG.

Personally I don’t mind if people want to bring along other / similar / LCG / CCG games (I am a little curious about AGoT 2ed after not being too impressed with 1ed;) however I wanted to check with everyone to see if we would be happy to expand so that we are not a Netrunner exclusive group?

I of course would always bring along my super-duper and always coherent Netrunner decks (plus any other decks for similar / non Netrunner games which I happen to own,) however if anyone does bring along anther game; would like to just ask they bring a second deck so that once I’ve washed my greasy paws we can have a game if no other players for that system are available on the day.

Admittedly unsure how many other game(rs) this would interest but in order to maintain our ‘vibe’ it would probably need to result in an official set of rules or something, was thinking along the lines of:

1. We play for fun, however if there is an upcoming tournament we may be tailoring our decks to be slightly more coherent than usual; as such any rules queries / disputes should be resolved amicably and in good faith.

2. Any games brought should be considerate of the environment ie, we play in a pub where other people will be eating and drinking.

Happy to discuss and appreciate your thoughts

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