Noob looking to start playing in Chichester/Portmouth

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Noob looking to start playing in Chichester/Portmouth

Postby Serphangel » Fri Sep 30, 2016 8:08 am

Hi Runners

With the demise of Warhammer 40000 conquest which i have played avidly since release, I began looking for an new LCG to play. My sights soon found Netrunner and i have now bought a core set and the opening moves data pack and i am now looking for a club or group who meet up regularly within a short drive of Chichester so i can learn to play.

Looking forward to your responses

Many regards

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Re: Noob looking to start playing in Chichester/Portmouth

Postby Hilldan » Wed Oct 19, 2016 10:57 am

We have a group down in Portsmouth, every 2 weeks we get together in a pub for a few games and the occasional beer.

Group admin stuff is typically done over on the Portsmouth on Boards Meetup: we are the sub group called Netrunner & Ales.)

If its a little too far to travel there are a few guys from Chichester who sometimes head down, at one point they were looking to ask the games shop (forget its names, top end of town?) to run some Netrunner nights. If interested I can ask Jon to see if these are still going ahead, however still more than welcome to head to Portsmouth one Sunday…just give me a shout if you do decide to come (although as a heads up I won’t be there this Sunday...I’ve been tricked into running the Great South Run instead.)


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