The Flavour of the Game


Mark "Cacoethesvictor" Mottram


To some, the flavour text of a card is just space they didn't use for rules, but for others the theme and flavour bring those rules to life. Whichever end of the spectrum you lay, you're sure to enjoy Mark Mottram's compilation article. He has asked some of Netrunner's big names about their favourite flavour text - read their thoughts here. At the very least you'll come away knowing what the dots on Apocalypse mean.

The 2nd #UK Stimhack Slack League


Russell 'Tolaasin'


Do you want to participate in a fun online league with other UK based Netrunners? Yes?! Then step this way and win your very own Astrobrook Shallot Program! (if you don't know what that means, it's only a matter of time until some member of the #uk Slack channel tells you!)

The Competitive Player's Handbook

Chapter 2: From Casual to Competitive


Chris 'Nemamiah' Dyer


The Competitive Player's Handbook team are back once again with Chapter 2 of their endeavour to help you in yours. This time they're taking us through five steps for moving from casual to competitive play.


Will one of the steps be becoming a renegade master? Just remember, sick plays are no excuse for ill behaviour. Power to the People is a Netrunner card.

Introducing the Competitive Player's Handbook


Chris 'Nemamiah' Dyer


Chris Dyer, one of the UK meta's most consistent players, has come

together with other top players to create a series of articles aimed at

those of you wanting to make the leap into competitive Netrunner.


Want to up your game, or just get an insight into how the top players

think? This is the series you've been waiting for.

Reflections on Mumbad


Netrunners.co.uk & Pals


As the Mumbad Cycle comes to a close we're joined by a whole host of voices of the community to discuss their favourite cards. Tim Fowler, David Hoyland, David Whittaker, Guy Patching, Jese Marshall, Constantine "Kelfecil" Christakis, Mark Mottram, Hollis Eacho, Laurie Poulter, El-ad David Amir, Alex White and Seamus Johnstone Macleod drop in to take us through their picks of Netrunner's visit to India!


Will Ramujan-Reliant 550 BMI get a shout out? Will someone break ranks and talk about a card they don't like? Will Constantine pick a piece of Psi ICE? There's only one way to find out.


Dave 'Cerberus' Hoyland


Regular contributor Dave 'Cerberus' Hoyland is back with a tournament report from the recent 66 person event in Stockport, where Dave fought his way through 6 rounds of Swiss, an overnight stay in Stockport, and a 2-game winner's final to claim victory. His article contains some musings on the meta, on intentional draws, and a full match by match recap of the event. Congratulations Dave and once again, a huge thanks for taking the time to write up this report for us.

The Quality Time Gala Day


Seamus Johnstone Macleod and Peter Hopkins


The Edinburgh meta drop in to tell you about an exciting event happening at the Victoria Park Hotel on the 17th of July that aims to bring the fun and sense of occasion of organised Netrunner to those who aren't interested in - or just need a break from - tournament play!

Jank - What it is and how to build it


Guy Patching


New contributor, Guy Patching, offers a guide to a type of Netrunner dear to his heart. If Store Champs Season has left you tired of consistency or if you want to be remembered by every opponent at an upcoming Regional then this is the article for you.


Let's talk about jank.

Running in Netrunner


David 'Cerberus' Hoyland



I think it's safe to say that few would disagree with the assessment that Dave (Top 4 Worlds 2015, UK National Champion 2014), is one of the best runners in the world at the moment. Though his corp play at Worlds 2015 made him famous, without question his running is a thing to behold (as anyone who has played him will testify). Dave has kindly taken the time to help new players avoid the pitfalls of running, with a great guide to improving your runner play. Essential reading!


The Rebirth of Blackguard


Jamie Dodd


There's spoilers on the starboard bow! Jamie Dodd has taken the time to muse on one of the forthcoming cards of the Mumbad cycle: Rebirth. Needless to say it's a card that has raised eyebrows in the Netrunner community for its game changing potential (as well as being a heck of a lot of fun). In this article, Jamie takes us through one of his favourite idea's for Rebirth involving one hell of an expensive console...


Push Your Luck - Entering the World of Competitive Netrunner


Richard Hammond



With the recent announcement of FFG’s NAPD Most Wanted List shaking up the established decks, and the beginning of Store Championship season upon us, there might never be a better time for you to overcome your fears and take the plunge into competitive play. Still not convinced? Then let Richard Hammond try and debunk some myths about these events, give some tips for how to approach your first tournament, and what you should do and where you should go once your first event is over.


Leela Post-mortem


El-ad David Amir


Two of (if not the) experts on criminal, El-ad and David Hoyland have been on the blower to each other to discuss their experiences with running Leela at worlds 2015. They also have a natter about the post worlds meta, where Criminal go from here and whether Mumbad toys will make a significant impact on the future of blue.

Third Place Worlds 2015 Report


David 'Cerberus' Hoyland


Mr David Hoyland, UK National Champion 2014, World's Top 8 2014 and now 3rd place finish at World's 2015 (going to run out of space for introductions at this rate!) has kindly taken the time to write up his 3rd place tournament report/experiences. It's a cracking read that includes details of the triumph of team UK at the King of Servers event.


Once again, a huge congratulations to Dave Hoyland, and to all of the UK players who made the trip! Well played good sirs!

Refining the Process


Richard Hammond


New contributor Richard Hammond takes us through the process of refining a deck idea, how decks go from concept, through refinement, and into a deck that you are happy to take to any level of tournament, Game Night Kits to Nationals. Thanks to Richard and to the posh grilled cheese sandwich which inspired him!

Intercity Round 2


Seamus Macleod


Following the success of the first Hadrian’s Wall Tournament, during which no fires were started or limbs lost to misadventure, the Edinburgh Meta is pleased to announce the second UK Inter-City Friendly!


Once again teams from across the country will be invited to compete for the honour of hosting the next tournament and the incredibly desirable Inter-City Trophy. Click on the link above to find out more details and how you can sign up!

Imperfect Blue


El-ad David Amir


In response to the 'Perfect Blue' article written by David Hoyland, El-ad David Amir (2014 Canadian National Champion) has kindly taken the time to compose an article which asks the simple question: 'What would be a good starting point for a Criminal build?' He explores both the current card pool and future releases to assess whether current Criminal archetypes could be augmented or whether new archetypes could potentially emerge. Is there life in the old girl yet?

Perfect Blue


David 'Cerberus' Hoyland


Our resident Criminal expert and 2014 UK National Champion, David Hoyland, has cast his analytical eyes over the state of the Criminal faction and where they are in the current meta. It seems like only yesterday Andysucker was dominating the competitive scene, yet now Criminal is seen as dead in the water. What has gone wrong? Has the great hivemind of Netrunner cast them off a little harshly?


Notable News

We are delighted to annouce the official Netrunners.co.uk playmat! Head on over to the folks at Patriot Games in Sheffield to order your very own!

Because We Built It - Part 3: Executives and Exposes


Michael Coop


Mr Coop's journey towards deck building nirvana continues this month, with a fascinating look at the different routes of corp deck building, with a detailed look at the construction of his new pet project; a New Angeles Sol deck.

Hadrian's Wall Tournament


Seamus Macleod



We are delighted to announce; The Hadrian's Wall Tournament, to be held on September the 13th in Edinburgh. Expect epic arguments over whether to call bread with chips a 'chip balm' or a 'chip butty' (and possibly some Netrunner too)!


They may destroy our ICE, they may win their psi games, but they'll never take our AGGEEENNNDDAAAAAAS!

Because We Built It - Part 2: Swapping and Trucking


Michael Coop


Have you been doing your homework? I certainly hope so, or Mr Coop will be thoroughly disappointed with you in part 2 of his Netrunner deckbuilding school! Here he follows on from the reports and progress made since part 1, with yet more homework to follow. School is most definitely not out for summer ladies and gentlemen!

Kit -A Retrospective (or how I accidentally built a good deck)


Seamus Macleod



Top 8 finalist at the UK Nationals 2015, Seamus Macleod (without doubt the best dressed person at the tournament!), surprised many with the success of his Kit deck. Here he kindly takes us through the reasoning behind his deck choices and thoughts on where Kit is placed in the current meta.

The Road to Nationals - Part 2 - The End of the Road


Alex 'VinegaryMink' White


In part 2 of his UK Nationals winning tournament report series, Alex White has taken the time to go into the details of his tremendous day, from the swiss through to the top 16 cut.


Once again, a massive congratulations to Alex from everyone at netrunners.co.uk, and though he has titled the article 'The End of the Road', we're all excited to cheer him on at Worlds 2015 and see that journey continue!

Because We Built It - Part 1: Clicks and Clots


Michael Coop



Because helping to organise and run the National Netrunner tournament just wasn't enough, Coops has kindly agreed to start a regular deck building feature! Read on for advice on how to gain a better grasp on key deck building fundamentals and some solid deck suggestions to learn key deck building principles (there's even homework for the committed among you!)


Notable News

For those of you who may have missed it, there was an unfortunate situation where we all believed that Coops Netrunner cards had been pilfered. Thankfully, they have been found, but in order to insure that such a thing could never happen, we are happy to announce:


The Starlight Crusade - this is a service for players that lose/damage Netrunner cards and can then replace them for free. Follow the link for more details!

The Road to Nationals 2015


Alex 'VinegaryMink' White


Alex White, winner of the 2015 UK National Championships has kindly taken the time (before jetsetting off abroad) to take us through his nationals journey. Part two of the series (the event itself) will be published soon, so watch this space folks!


I am also in the midst of publishing up some of the top16 games from nationals over on our youtube channel. Some fantastic games up already, well worth a look folks!


On behalf of everyone at netrunners.co.uk, a huge congratulations to Alex for a hugely impressive performance - every bit the worthy winner!

Bring Another Brit to Worlds


Daniel Jones


Introducing the Bring Another Brit to Worlds Competitive Netrunner Circuit.

A series of Netrunner tournaments with qualification for the Grand Final in London where you can win travel to Minnesota and tickets for FFGs World Championship event in November!

The Silver Bullet? Oxford Regional 1st Place Report


Samuel 'ApeAsylum' Pay


Has Clot killed off NEH Fast Advance? Samuel Pay has written what can only be described as one of the most detailed tournament reports ever to describe his experiences running the the worlds most popular deck in a post-clot environment. Does Clot derail the train?


Notable News

The new deluxe expansion, Data and Destiny (NBN and Neutral runners, ohhhhh!) has been unofficially announced, with details slowly dripping their way slowing onto the interwebs. Be sure to follow us over on Twitter for all the breaking news as and when we get it!

Ten Stages of Account Siphon Rage


Mark "cacoethesvictor" Mottram


Not only is Mark a new author for the site, but he also is a pretty new player. Follow him on his journey through despair and defeat all the way through too... less despair and defeat (but with an added addiction)!


Notable News

Nationals are next week! NEXT WEEK! In preparation for such a momentous occasion, and given that it’s a whopping 8 rounds of swiss, why not have a look at this article over at the Winning Agenda on tilt and how to avoid it. Not that I’ll need it of course, I never tilt ever…

Pre-Nationals Corp Meta Analysis


David 'Cerberus' Hoyland


2014 National Champion Dave Hoyland has kindly taken us through what you can look to expect in the forthcoming UK National tournament. Currently as I speak he is in the midst of a top8 cut in the Sheffield Regional where it is certainly looking like these predictions have come to fruition, but who knows what it'll look like in a fortnight? Let us know what you think on the forums!

From Casual to Competitive (An Intermediate Guide)


David 'Chimpster' Paterson


So you’ve bought a Core Set, have got a fair few games under your belt and are looking to branch out into the wider world of competitive Netrunner. Thankfully, you've come to the right place, and we're here to help put you in touch with your local Netrunner scene, give you some useful tips on purchases, deck building and a few golden rules to live by. Warning: this post contains an unapologetic love letter to the all-encompassing hobby which is Netrunner!

London Regional 1st Place Report


Zach Eaton-Rosen


Winner of the 2014 'Super Regional' at last years Nationals has now added some additional glory to his name with a fine Regional win at London. Zach kindly takes us through his decks and individual rounds as well as extolling the virtue of wearing a 'wife-beater' in order to achieve maximum competitive powers!

Valencia and I (London Regional 2nd Place Report)


Joey McMillan


London Regional runner up, Joey McMillan has taken the time to write a rather spiffy report from last weekend while also focusing on his Valencia deck development and choices. As he pretty much sacrificed his love life on the altar of Netrunner competition, you owe him at least a glace surely!? As the regional season comes into full swing, can you truly afford not to read it?!

Blood on the Tracks (Clot and the Astrotrain)


Tim Fowler


Tim Fowler, Winner of the 2014 Cardiff Regional and the 2015 Cardiff Store Championship (and Top4 at Bristol and Worcester), has taken a look at the strongly rumoured, almost mythical Clot: Destroyer of all NBN. How much of an impact it is likely to make on the current meta and the fortunes of Fast Advance and who will be running it? What can NBN do to protect their precious Fast Advance ways?

There's no Luck in Netrunner...


Sam Wicks



Curses! They accessed the only card that would win them the game! My luck is terrible! Or is it... New contributor Sam Wicks talks about luck and power of solid deck building choices to maximise ones chance to take glory and great honour.



Notable News

As the Store Championship season comes to a close (and Regionals looms ever larger), come and share in tales of victory and defeat over at out Tournament Report section. Some great new reports from Birmingham, Cardiff, Gloucester and Bradford to feast your eyes over!



Tournament Report Section Now Live



Introducing our new Tournament Report section over on our forums! Any and all are welcome to post up tournament exploits at their leisure and we in turn will do our best to learn from them! Please read the sticky guide on formatting your report before you start writing it and feel free to get in contact if you have any issues!



London Store Championship Report (and how to find your Inner Sherlock)


Iain Reid


Iain Reid, victor of the massive London Darksphere Store Championship, has not only written an impressive report on his exploits at the tournament, but has also endeavoured to guide us all towards our 'inner Sherlock' when making Netrunner decisions, well worth a read ladies and gentlemen!

The Noise Primer




Fresh from his recent victory at the Reading Store Championships, Brendan from Oxford has kindly written up an excellent primer for Noise (and given that I have been personally taken apart by his Noise deck, I'd say it's well worth a read!). Here Brendan takes us through historic Noise developments, key viruses and how to plan out your economy.

Manchester Store Championship Report




In what we hope will become a regular feature, we are posting up Store Championship reports from across the country. The first of which comes from Manchester (with compulsory Oasis picture stereotype - madferit!)


Notable News

If you haven't had the chance yet, check out our YouTube channel for coverage from the Exeter Store Championships, the York Store Championships and hopefully the Worcester one too. Lots of Netrunner action for your eyes and ears ladies and gentlemen!

The Endless Waltz - Leela Patel


David 'Cerberus' Hoyland


Dave Hoyland (UK National champion and Top 8 World's) has been thrashing us all recently with the new Criminal ID; Leela Patel and has kindly broken down his latest iteration for all you lovely souls who don't have to suffer the pain of being his guinea pigs!


Notable News

The Store Championship season is upon us! For details of one near you, please have a look at the following list (kindly compiled by DoubleAitch on our forums) or on this rather funky map. If your tournament is missing (or the date is incomplete), please add the details in!


Weyland: Our Way or the Highway


Daniel Hughes


Our resident Weyland player has taken the time to analyse the faction in detail on the eve of the release of Order and Chaos. Where are Weyland currently? What datapacks are most useful for a new player looking to play Weyland? What are the current popular archetypes? What do they lack? What is on the horizon? Read on for answers to these questions and more!

Flavour of the Month (December)


Dave 'Chimpster' Paterson


Yuletide greetings to one and all as I present my Christmas gift to you all; another exciting instalment of our flavour of the month feature (humour and charm sold separately)! This month we lookat the new hotness; Blue Sun as well as visiting old favourites with a twist; Gabe and RP.



Notable News

Our forums are now compatible with the mobile Tapatalk app, so if you traditionally browse our forums on your phone or tablet, please have a look at the app and tell me what you think. We also have a host of new local meta's on our remote server section. Take a look at our 'Find a Group' section to see if there is a play group near you (or get in contact with me if you'd like to set a remote forum board up for your group!).


The Tournament Journey Pt 6


Dave 'Cerberus' Hoyland


We are once again delighted to be able to bring you Dave Hoyland's final article on his 2014 tournament journey, covering his World Championship experiences. You'll find within his thoughts on an NEH infested meta, logic behind deck choices, chat with Lukas on tournament structure and a detailed breakdown of his top 16 matchups. Once again, a huge congratulations from everyone on the site to Dave for doing so incredibly well! Kudos good sir, kudos!



Notable News

You can keep upto date with all the latest Netrunner news and discussion on our forums, or via Twitter where you can find us at @NetrunnersUK. Finally,don't forget to subscribe to our youtube channel for your fix of live commentated Netrunner games!


The Eliphant in the Room


David 'Chimpster' Paterson



When I posted on Twitter that I was writing about what I saw was the most overpowered corp card in the game, fellow runners were guessing every card except for this one. This can mean one of two things. It could mean that you are going to read this article and then completely disagree with me (and please feel free too!), or, it could mean that it has simply become a 'Hedge Fund' card, a card which we all include because we'd be pretty stupid not too (it's not Hedge Fund by the way, that would probably be the most boring Netrunner article on the face of the earth :P). It could be viewed as a card which is the only solution to a vastly overpowered runner card..



Notable News

I'm also in the process of posting up coverage of our recent road trip to the October Bristol tournament over on our Youtube channel. Please feel free to pop along and subscribe for more Astrotrain 'goodness!'

The Flavour of the Month


David 'Chimpster' Paterson



In what I hope will become a regular fixture, I'm intending to break down some of the tournament winning deck lists to find some interesting ideas. There's also a strong chance that these lists will already be in your meta or on their way. Hopefully I'll be able to offer a few pointers as to their weaknesses and strengths as well!

The Space Between Updates


David 'Chimpster' Paterson


So with my employment adventures in deepest, darkest Wales finally at an end and a new PSU installed in my PC, I am now tasked with attempting to offer some form of continuity from our rather large period of absence. Hopefully you enjoy our brief catchup session and meta anaylsis while we look to bring you further updates from some new contributors in the near future. Keep running those nets folks!




Normal Service Will Resume in 3... 2....1....



With summer finally drawing to a close and my work schedule finally returning to a state of normality, we hope to be bringing you some more Netrunner articles soon. I'm also in the process of waiting for a new PSU to be delivered so I can finally get back on track with my casting on our youtube channel. Watch this space folks, I promise there will be something here soon!

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