The NeoReading Grid League: Season Four

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Re: The NeoReading Grid League: Season Four

Postby Johno » Fri Nov 27, 2015 12:25 pm

I've had a bit of practice with it in the last four seasons and creating balanced achievements is very tough. I've already considered some kind of head-hunting achievement, but wondered how to balance it. I considered a "beat someone who has this achievement" achievement and automatically assign it to one person (e.g. me, reigning champion, whoever) at the start and then it could organically spread. These also don't have the issue of everyone wanting to play one particular person. Maybe something like that could make an appearance next time.

With the achievements, I've tried to mix them up so that there were a wide range on offer. You could try to win with a whole ton of different IDs for some achievements, or just play interesting styles for the lower-hanging fruit, or somewhere in between. The fact that no one got all the achievements (although one person tried pretty hard ;) ) is testament I think to not needing to add more achievements, but maybe they can be rejigged a bit. For myself, I felt that maybe there were a few too many "Win as X" achievements. The ones that encouraged different deck builds were the most interesting to me. I remember playing two games with an Iain's Creepy Sleepover (all the connections) deck and really enjoying them. I wouldn't have considered playing that deck if it hadn't been for an achievement I think, so I was glad that I'd been given an excuse to try it out.

Two other achievements I'll do a spotlight on:
- Win as all the new Runners. This one was obviously very hard, because they were all totally new (you couldn't take an existing half-decent deck and just stick a new ID on it). It was also made much harder by the fact that D&D was delayed. I expected it to come out in the first couple of weeks, but in fact it wasn't legal until week 5. Not a lot of time left for that one, especially if you hadn't seen the cards before. (Mixing SYNC into the Corp equivalent was better, since the others could be played at any time, and then there's only one ID to focus on)
- Win with only one-pointers. This was just one I came up with because I think it posed a really interesting question: how the hell do you win like this!? Flatline was off the table, so it had to be a clean win. I expected more Haarp hijinks actually, and personally went for RP to limit how many could be accessed. Achievements like this just make you take a step back and think of a whole strategy.

But I can see where Pete's coming from. I know he's not a fan of the deck-building aspect and almost all (well, all really) of the achievements are extensions of this. You can netdeck or build your own, but the achievements reward you for trying different things by applying arbitrary constraints. That was kind of my objective outside of tournament season. There's no need to get really good with one deck, so playing (as and against) the same thing all the time is boring.
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Re: The NeoReading Grid League: Season Four

Postby Joey » Fri Nov 27, 2015 2:05 pm

Achievements that involve building multiple decks are very time consuming. But they are the interesting achievements that push funner decks. So maybe achievements like this that mitigate the deck building side of things. Maybe play 5 games with babw or something.. I also like the beat the reigning champ, or kill this person achievements, that's fun. The person mentioned just can't get them.
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Re: The NeoReading Grid League: Season Four

Postby waferthinninja » Fri Nov 27, 2015 4:40 pm

There should be an achievement for winning with Apex that only Johno can get. Or not... #shotsfired

As Pete said, the points are kind of irrelevant if you are an infrequent player. Also applies to kinda bad players like myself ;). So it would be nice to have some other ways to possibly "win" even if you only show up once. You could set a high score in a particular category and would hold the title until someone else outdid you. If nothing else, you will probably end up with multiple winners which I think is a good thing

For example
My rig is bigger than yours (most installed cards)
How low can you go (see the most cards from R&D in a single run)
Can't catch me (highest link)
Hyperactive (most actions in a single turn)
Ice Ice Baby (most ice, or most ice on a single server)
Upgraded (most cards installed in a single server)
We're gonna need a bigger playmat (most servers)
Total banker (most credits)
I got a rock (most damage dealt in a single turn)

Again it doesn't fit the current software, but shouldn't be too hard to implement

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