[London] Beginner Half Draft - 17th April

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[London] Beginner Half Draft - 17th April

Postby StalkerB » Mon Feb 29, 2016 7:34 pm

Facebook event - https://www.facebook.com/events/1536681996661261/
Buy tickets here - https://www.eventbrite.com/e/netrunner- ... 2042850760

When: Sunday, April 17th, 11:00 sharp

Where: Scenario Bar, 97 Stoke Newington Rd, London, N16 8BX

What: In teams of 2 you will select a corporation player and a runner player to 'draft' cards from the Overdrive draft packs. You will then work together to create your decks before playing in a normal tournament, except you will sit beside each other and be able to confer as you play.

In draft, players divide into groups and open special packs of Netrunner cards. Each player drafts one card from a pack, then passes the pack to another player. Every pack is passed around, with players selecting cards from what they are given. After everyone is done drafting cards, each player possesses a small collection of cards to build a deck, before competing against other players that are part of your draft.

Draft play can introduce its unique challenges to Android: Netrunner, forcing you to select cards one at a time without full knowledge of the available card pool. Accordingly, you’ll develop strategies for how to approach the draft. As you develop new deck-building strategies, you’ll stretch and adapt to the format's challenges as you and your teammate test your mettle with draft-built decks.

Who: Teams of 2. Up to 16 teams.

Why: Expand your card pool and learn to draft.

If we get 32 players, prizes will be as follows:

Winning Team - 2 copies of Netrunner Core Set
2nd Team - 1x Creation & Control, 1x Order & Chaos
3rd - 2x Official FFG Playmats, 4x Official FFG Sleeves
4th - 2x Official FFG Playmats
5th - 8th - 2x Official FFG Sleeves
9th - 12th - 2x Set of tokens, 2x deck boxes
13th - 16th - 2x Set of tokens

Every player - Take home the cards you draft!

Cost: £24 per team (I know this is a little pricey but the prizes are pretty expensive)

In short:
Learn to draft using the official FFG draft packs. You will get access to some extra cards and win great prizes to help bolster your collection.

1 Runner player per team, 1 Corp player per team. Progress is based on team wins. 5 rounds swiss, with a small cut or maybe just 6 rounds swiss.

Each team will get 1x Overdrive Starter set, 1x Overdrive Runner pack, 1x Overdrive Corp pack. Players will be split in to pods of 8 for drafting before being allowed to confer for deck building.

Teams will play as corp and runner simultaneously allowing for 45 minute rounds but will sit next to each other and be allowed to confer.


What is a draft?
https://www.fantasyflightgames.com/en/p ... raft-play/

Why is it so expensive?
It is £24 per TEAM (so £12 each). The minimum RRP of what you will walk away with is £24, so with the added prize support this is not bad value. There are also not insignificant fees for eventbrite (somewhere around £40) but I can't risk spending money on prizes if people don't turn up to pay. I'd love to make it cheaper, if anybody would like to sponsor the event or donate prizes please get in touch.

Why 'Beginners'?
1) This is a good introduction if you've never drafted before. Doing a half draft means you don't get too bogged down by the drafting and deck building. 2) The prizes are obviously a little more exciting to newer players who may not have 3 cores and all the deluxes.

If you are an experienced player you are more than welcome to play as well, however the prizes are probably of more interest to those just starting a collection, though if you've been holding out for a 3rd core this may be for you! Perhaps you can bring a new player along and coach them through the intricacies of the draft format.

I'm looking to improve prize support for experienced players. Stay tuned.

I already have all the cards, why should I bother?
Well, if nothing else it's a fun day of Netrunner! :) If you win you can always give away your prizes or trade them for mats, sleeves or tokens. Can't please everybody :p

Do I need to bring a team/Can I come alone?
Teams of 2 are mandatory. If you want somebody to partner up with I suggest asking on the Facebook groups or meetup group but there will be no pairing on the day.

How do I sign up?
Because this will require a significant investment from me to get the prizes I will be taking payment in advance via eventbrite. If we get less than 16 teams prizes will be adjusted accordingly. Prizes will be bought a week in advance, so please sign up before the 13th of March if you're coming.

https://www.eventbrite.com/e/netrunner- ... 2042850760
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